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More than 5,800 Mexican teenagers come up with effective ideas to confront Covid-19

May 8, 2020

The Ponte la Verde COVID-19 non-profit initiative inspired citizens to develop ideas with a high social impact in the pillars of health, nutrition and education.

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More than 5,800 Mexican teenagers come up with effective ideas to confront Covid-19More than 5,800 Mexican teenagers come up with effective ideas to confront Covid-19

More than 5,800 young people and citizens from the 32 states of the Mexican Republic participated in Ponte la Verde’s COVID-19 initiative, sharing their ideas on how to fight the pandemic’s impact on health, nutrition and education most vulnerable populations during the health emergency due to this corona virus. The initiative is supported by more than 50 companies, civil organizations and educational institutions.

A total of 1,435 projects were registered, originating from young people from more than 340 universities and civil society, 6 of which were selected. These teams are supported with professional support and up to 10 million pesos start-up capital in order to implement their ideas and thus have a positive influence on the community.

“Put on the Green COVID-19 has emerged from the solidarity and creativity that has always shaped the response that we Mexicans have in various emergency scenarios. What we are experiencing with this pandemic is unprecedented and we are convinced that we are committed to ours Country go green. ” It’s a great way to make a positive contribution and get together. Of the ideas registered via Ponte la Verde covid-19, 34 percent proposed a solution for the health pillar. 39 percent food and 27 percent education, “said Marieli Rojas, spokeswoman for the initiative.

In addition to the distribution of up to 10 million start-up capital on the selected projects, there are additional advantages for these teams, access to a program for digital entrepreneurship and innovation as well as for the first-time participants online grants for the study of courses from internationally recognized universities.

“We are very happy with the results. With this participation we confirm that there is a lot of desire to help. From May 8, the teams of the selected projects will be contacted and instructed to begin the implementation phase in which Ponte la Verde COVID-19 will accompany them at all times. We will soon see the results of these great actions, ”added Marieli Rojas.

The selected projects

1. “Co-pear connects one breath”

  • Pillar: health and nutrition
  • Solution: Information on the spread of COVID-19 is collected via a digital platform and communication on health security is strengthened. In addition, needs mapping is being carried out to connect vulnerable communities and hospitals to local businesses and industry that can meet basic needs to counter the effects of contingency.

2. “Everyone and everyone eat”

  • Pillar: feeding
  • Solution: Ensure access to healthy food for vulnerable populations in communities with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants.

3. “My safe little shop”

  • Pillar: feeding
  • Solution: Creation of a certification system with empowerment tools for MSMEs through training and orientation in order to keep them active during emergencies and to offer better opportunities for the future.

4. “Young Indigenous Ambassadors in Front of COVID-19”

  • Pillar: education
  • Solution: Strengthening care and prevention messages in indigenous languages, adapting communication through posters, spots, videos and telephones in the communities of the state of Oaxaca and other institutions in the Mexican Republic.

5. “EYEX”

  • Support column: Health
  • Solution: implementing a COVID-19 diagnostic and monitoring platform through mass digitization and X-ray analysis using algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

6. “Two causes”

  • Pillar: feeding
  • Solution: A support network will be created through a digital platform, where local restaurants and businesses can reactivate and send food to the most vulnerable families.

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