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More than 50,000 people are left homeless by the fire in a neighborhood in the capital of Bangladesh

August 18, 2019


More than 50,000 people have been left homeless by the gigantic fire declared Friday in a neighborhood in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, which has left at least four injured, according to sources of Emergencies reported to the local newspaper 'Bangladesh Independent'.

The fire began at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, local time, in the Chalantika shanty town and razed some 15,000 homes, as confirmed by the BBC on Saturday.

About 24 fire units, with 125 troops, took four hours to put out the fire, hindered by strong winds.

The governor of Dhaka, Atiqul Islam, has promised assistance 25,000 families were affected by the fire and that all affected families would receive financial assistance. Part of the reason that there are no fatalities to regret is because many of the residents were out of their homes because of the holidays of the Muslim holiday of Eid al Adha.

“Modern flats are being built for the slum dwellers in the Bauniya Badh area. We are planning to relocate the dweller from the slums there,” he explained while the investigation of the fire has begun, which residents said began in a from the shacks, where a loud explosion was heard.

Fires are frequent in Dhaka due to poor security measures. At least 100 people have died so far this year in the construction of fires in the densely populated metropolitan city.

In 2012, a fire swept a nine-story clothing factory near the city and killed 111 workers. An investigation found that it was caused by sabotage and that plant managers had prevented victims from escaping.