More than 400 Mexican intellectuals are asking not to vote for López Obrador’s party in Sunday’s elections

A group of 430 intellectuals from Mexico asked this Monday not to vote for Morena, the political party of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the federal elections planned for this Sunday.

Intellectuals in particular – political scientists, anthropologists, businessmen, sociologists, lawyers, historians and journalists – have urged citizens to vote in a “strategic” sense and to partner closely with those most likely to beat Morena and its allied parties.

“Let us be clear: it is necessary to defeat the ruling coalition of Morena and its satellite parties in the elections in order to correct the course,” said a manifesto of the Mexican newspaper ‘El Universal’.

More than 400 Mexican intellectuals are asking not to vote for López Obrador’s party in Sunday’s elections
More than 400 Mexican intellectuals are asking not to vote for López Obrador’s party in Sunday’s elections

In the document, the signatories, including anthropologist Roger Bartra and businessman Claudio X., have indicated that not voting for Morena is “fundamental” to the common purpose of building a viable alternative in the face of populist backwardness and authoritarianism “and” to stop the country’s political, economic and institutional deterioration. “

With this in mind, they have warned that “free voting” can determine the outcome of the elections, but if the opportunity is “missed” in the process it may no longer be possible to vote freely in the subsequent elections.

In addition, they have made it clear that their aim is not to return to the situation of previous administrations in which “abuse, corruption and frivolity” were registered in the institutions, but rather to “redirect the changes towards deepening democracy and strengthening transparency” . Accountability and Citizen Participation “.

“The government uses state resources and institutions to favor the ruling party, and the president is violating the constitution by intervening in campaigns, spreading propaganda, and mocking and persecuting opponents,” they warned.

The Mexican opposition had already asked the Organization of American States (OAS) to monitor López Obrador’s “interference” in the electoral process. The President of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortés, warned that the government is harassing, threatening and persecuting political actors, as well as putting additional pressure on the electoral bodies.

In parallel, they have accused the government of subordinating social programs and vaccinations against COVID-19 to the Mexican government’s electoral strategy. “With this in mind, we urge citizens to vote strategically and choose the most competitive candidates so that the opposition’s voices are not watered down,” they said.

With that in mind, they have indicated that the problems facing the North American country are “serious” and they have mentioned that poverty has increased by ten million people and there is a shortage of medicines. “The lack of legal certainty scares investors and the benefits are squandered because of the proximity to the United States and the trade deal we have with them,” they concluded.

More than 21,000 popularly elected positions are at stake on Sunday, including 500 federal MPs. 15 governor positions; 1,063 positions in local congresses; 17,000 in town halls; and more than 1,900 municipal presidencies. This is the sector in which the greatest risk is perceived.

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