More than 300 Italian agricultural companies are adopting the VeChain blockchain

The VeChain blockchain is used by the largest Italian association and the most important tomato processing company in the country to make the supply chain traceable.

Coldiretti and Princes Industrie Alimentari (PIA) have teamed up to launch a vegetable supply chain guarantee project that integrates VeChain as decentralized accounting technology (DLT).

Coldiretti (Confederazione Nazionale Coltivatori Diretti) is the largest association that represents and supports Italian agriculture. Princes Industrie Alimentari operates Europe’s largest tomato processing plant in Foggia, Italy. The company assumes that around 300,000 tons of tomatoes will be processed between the end of July and the end of September.

More than 300 Italian agricultural companies are adopting the VeChain blockchain
More than 300 Italian agricultural companies are adopting the VeChain blockchain

Information reported in local media suggests that the association and company have signed an annual contract in support of the supply chain under a three-year supply chain contractMade in Italy ‘.

The VeChain Thor blockchain would be used by the farmers’ association and the company as part of national development initiatives.

The project has been in the development phase for a year and a half and includes around 300 companies, 17 cooperatives and six manufacturer associations that will use the VeChain-based blockchain platform to track their deliveries.

Tokenfarm would be responsible for managing the project, in which CEO Pier Luigi Romiti told the local media that the VeChain team has taken over ToolChain for the pilot project, which aims to promote trust and transparency in the supply chains of Italian agricultural products.

“A great challenge that has now been mastered. During the COVID-19 period, farmers were trained in how to use the platform and how to insert production data into the VeChain blockchain: this time we were ready and after a year and a half of work, 300 companies and 17 cooperatives were involved and six producer associations joining agreed to oversee all of their shipments within a very important three year commodity price contract. In fact, three million quintals (300,000 tons) of tomatoes pass through the Princes factory every year. We are now in the adoption phase of farmers whom we trained during the Covid emergency to use the application to enter the data which will then be certified on the blockchain, “added Romiti.

The use of VeChain in Italian tomatoes would not be the only use case in these European countries. In early June, ICAB La Fiammante, an Italian food company with more than 70 years of experience, announced the traceability of My Story, jointly developed by DNV GL and VeChain.

VeChain has seen a huge boom in the past few months after being selected by the Chinese government as a blockchain for its pilot trials of traceability in several of its export management processes for domestic products.

In addition, Walmart China’s subsidiary, Sam’s Club China, integrated VeChain into its operations to improve supply chain traceability, while in Norway, Color Line AS, the Nordic country’s largest cruise line, took the solution. My Care COVID-19 infection risk management system based on the blockchain platform.

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