More than 100 Republicans plan a split amid Trump’s drift

More than a hundred Republican politicians, including some senior officials, are planning to split with the Republican Party if it doesn’t make changes to its organization following the brainchild caused by former US President Donald Trump.

It is expected that a letter will be published this Thursday which, signed by more than a hundred representatives and elected representatives of the Republican Party, takes a first step towards establishing a new political formation and has published “The New York Times”. .

“When conspiratorial forces, division and despotism emerge in our democracy, it is a patriotic duty to work together for freedom and justice,” says the preamble of the letter.

More than 100 Republicans plan a split amid Trump’s drift
More than 100 Republicans plan a split amid Trump’s drift

The American newspaper collected the testimony of former Homeland Security officer Miles Taylor who wrote a book against his management during the Trump era.

“More than 100 Republicans believe that the situation with the Republican Party has gotten so bad that now is the time to consider whether an alternative is the only option,” said Taylor.

The former official has stressed that he is still a Republican but lamented “the speed with which the party has separated from truth and reason”.

That announcement comes the same week that Republicans will decide whether or not to remove Congresswoman Liz Cheney from her post as President of the Republican Conference after publicly rejecting Trump’s conspiracy theories after the November 2020 election.

That vote is expected to culminate in the ousting of the leadership of Cheney, who represents the state of Wyoming in the House of Representatives, and Republicans are already trying to position Elise Stefanik in his position, an ally of the former president, as noted by NBC.

These internal disputes have exacerbated the tension among Republicans seeking to split as they regret that more efforts are being made in the struggles for leadership of the party rather than opposing US President Joe Biden.

Republicans have tried to portray Cheney’s impeachment as an attempt to unite the party before the mid-term elections scheduled for 2022, in which they hope to win more seats and take control of the House of Representatives.

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