More institutions want to invest in crypto, says CEO of NEAR Foundation

Cointelegraph’s Joseph Hall interviewed Marieke Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation, at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PWBS) last week and discussed a variety of topics, such as institutional investors’ struggle to understand how to get involved in crypto .

Hall and Flament discussed how institutional investors are trying to educate themselves about crypto to understand how to enter the market. As more Web2 companies move to Web3, Flament says other institutional players are being forced to consider what these events mean for their business.

“We see a very strong interest from institutional investors in understanding the space and where they can invest.

Flament also pointed out that regulation will play a very important role in institutional investors’ decision making. Because of this, the CEO of the NEAR Foundation emphasized that one of the company’s priorities is how they can help lead the way in crypto ecosystem regulation. Flament explained this:

“We need to be better coordinated to give the industry a voice and ultimately join forces with regulators.”

More institutions want to invest in crypto, says CEO of NEAR Foundation
More institutions want to invest in crypto, says CEO of NEAR Foundation

The NEAR Executive believes that regulators’ intent to protect consumers and businesses is a very valid point, noting that the intentions are similar to those in the crypto space.

When asked what excites them most about the industry, Flament expressed that she is very inspired by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). Flament mentioned that DAOs will “reinvent the way we get involved in projects that matter to us as it completely changes the way we live our lives.”

By sharing DAO use cases, Flament explained how SailGP, a sailing competition, has partnered with NEAR to allow fans to own a team through a DAO. Apart from that, the NEAR manager also shared how his Unchained Fund DAO has helped raise funds for Ukraine.

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