Morales wins the victory in Bolivia and achieves the necessary votes to avoid a second electoral round


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The current president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has taken the necessary votes to avoid a second electoral round, which makes him the winner of the elections held last Sunday, according to the last count released by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE ) with 99.99 percent of the recorded minutes.

Morales wins the victory in Bolivia and achieves the necessary votes to avoid a second electoral round
Morales wins the victory in Bolivia and achieves the necessary votes to avoid a second electoral round

With 47.07 percent of the support, Morales is placed at 10.56 percentage points compared to the opponent Carlos Mesa, who has won 36.51 percent of the ballots. Now that only 0.01 percent of the results remain to be scrutinized, the situation is irreversible.

After four days of protests in several cities in the country and two days of indefinite unemployment, Mesa supporters and Morales' supporters are expected to continue to face the streets due to the political uncertainty experienced after the elections.

The data has been disseminated at a time of maximum tension before the Government headquarters, where a massive march from the city of El Alto has gathered in the area, according to information from the local newspaper 'El Debe'.

Although the results of the elections in the department of Chuquisaca and Beni are still to be known, where the elections will be repeated at four polling stations, the result will not be significantly affected since the difference already exceeds 10 points.

So far there are several times when Morales has declared himself the winner of the general elections. One, Sunday night from the Burned Palace, when the votes of the rural areas remained to be known.

Another, in a press statement after two days of silence. This was followed by a pronunciation about it during a public event this Thursday in El Alto and today, in a new press conference. On all occasions their statements have taken place without the results being known at 100 percent of the scrutiny.

Meanwhile, the opposition denounces the electoral “fraud” and reaffirms that the protests will continue until a second round occurs – which was scheduled for December in case no candidate achieved the necessary advantage.

Alarms jumped during election night when the Preliminary Election Results Transmission (TREP) system was interrupted for more than 23 hours. Upon resuming, there was a change in favor of the ruling party that many call “inexplicable.”

At the moment there are eight injured as a result of the riots registered. In eight of the nine departments of the country, fires have been registered at the headquarters of the Departmental Electoral Courts or nearby. The Police, meanwhile, have received orders to “contain” the mobilizations.

Morales, meanwhile, has starred in this day a massive concentration in Cochabamba, where he said he is tired of being accused of dictator and has ratified his victory. It is in this department where coca growers related to the Movement To Socialism (MAS) of Morales have faced protesters who denounce electoral fraud and ask for a second round.


“The MAS has just consummated the fraud,” said former President Mesa when he learned the official results of the electoral count at 99.99 percent of the ballot, which gives Morales the victory in the first round.

In a video posted on his social networks, Mesa has pointed out that the result is a “shameful and rude alteration of our vote” and has called on his followers not to get discouraged and stay in action.

Minutes later, during an interview with the CNN television network, Mesa has ruled out that the opposition is going to ask for a new election to avoid extending the Morales government. “We are demanding the democratic right that we intend to steal: go to a second round,” he says.

Thus, he has denounced that the MAS Government “usurps functions” of the other powers of the State. “That, in any manual of political philosophy, is called coup d'etat. Whoever carries out a coup d'etat, in fact, is President Evo Morales,” he stressed.

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