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Monitoring the supply of medical devices with blockchain technology in Colombia

June 12, 2020

In Colombia, Auna Clinic Las Américas in Medellín announced a solution for the health sector and for patient care in this country, where an estimated nine million people are hospitalized annually. This solution It is the result of a strategic alliance between the clinic, Boston Scientific Colombia and technology partners Cornerstone and RoadLaunch. The initiative will use IBM blockchain technology. based on Hyperledger Fabric. IBM reported this to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

The idea is to monitor, control and deliver medical devicesas well as the improvement of patient care in the Auna clinic Las Américas in Medellín.

Dr. Juan Gabriel Cendales, Managing Director of Clínica Las Américas Auna, said:

“Thanks to the implementation of this blockchain technology solution, we were able to reduce the delivery offer to just 24 hours, the billing time by 90 percent and order errors by 60 percent, which has a positive effect on the supply of consumables such as catheters and pacemakers for important emergencies and especially one better care for our patients. “

Monitoring the supply of medical devices with blockchain technology in ColombiaMonitoring the supply of medical devices with blockchain technology in Colombia

The solution implemented by Cornerstone and RoadLaunch, which is based on the IBM Blockchain in the IBM Cloud, consists of an information network that can be replaced in the shortest possible time on the Internet when a patient is implanted into a medical device – programmed or in an emergency – on the Internet. “The solution also provides insight into devices that are not being used, reduces excess inventory, and avoids wasted medical supplies that need to be incinerated after a period of time, which was reduced to zero with the implementation of the solution,” they explained in the Explanation.

Andrés Posada, Supply Chain Manager at Boston Scientific Colombia, in detail:

“The clinic manager scans the product code used on his cell phone and the information is automatically sent to our system and clinic over the blockchain network to request real-time product replacement.” .

In this way, both parties have visibility from the delivery of a device to Clínica Las Américas Auna to the implantation and automatic download from the inventory. In addition, other types of checkups can be performed, with the clinic and transporter in the network: You need to know if the inventory is up to date, if the product needs to be replaced according to the security levels and the exact location of the office and if the implant is safe and encrypted in the patient’s medical history.

Patricio Espinosa, General Manager of IBM Colombia, also spoke on the subject:

“Given the current situation, issues such as supply chain management, traceability of medical devices and data protection are of the utmost importance. Blockchain has the potential to help healthcare providers and the entire healthcare ecosystem manage medical data and information while supporting privacy, regulatory compliance, and improving patient care. “

Finally, they found that Boston Scientific Colombia, Clínica Las Américas Auna, Cornerstone and RoadLaunch have successfully completed the first implementation in IBM Public Cloud.

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