Monero Podcaster loses race for New York Congress

Douglas Tuman, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and Podcast host Monero Talk lost while trying to represent New York’s 4th District in the United States Congress.

Republican Tuman received 134,243 votes to 147,580 votes for incumbent Democrat Kathleen Rice in the 4th District of New York, which includes parts of central and southern Nassau Counties, according to The Associated Press election results. Rice has been a member of the United States House of Representatives since 2015.

The Monero Podcaster (XMR) display For the first time, he intended to run for Congress in March, saying he ran on a platform “to improve representative democracy and money”. Your man said that he was willing to accept XMR and other cryptocurrency donations for his campaign to create a more “crypto-friendly” US government.

Monero Podcaster loses race for New York Congress
Monero Podcaster loses race for New York Congress

“With the crypto community behind me, we can probably get national attention for Monero as free speech money,” the congressional candidate said. “Monero is based on the ideals on which the USA was founded. It’s America 2.0, a protocol for maintaining freedom in the digital age. “

Privacy coins like XMR have been involved in US elections and law in one way or another this year.. In October, cryptocurrency scammers briefly replaced a page on Donald Trump’s re-election campaign website and asked readers to donate to two Monero wallets if they wanted to post certain “strictly classified information” about the president. . The Internal Revenue Service recently offered a reward of up to $ 625,000 to anyone who can break the allegedly untraceable features of XMR.

Cointelegraph reached out to Douglas Tuman but did not receive a response until the time of going to press.

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