Monday Blues Digest

The digest makes a comeback after a short hiatus. Enjoy this week’s link. Do not forget to share your favourite reads for the week.

  • Social media has become an integral part of our digital life. But, how does a freelancer fully utilize this platform to their fullest advantage? Tips for Improving Your Social Media Presence
  • Paypal has somewhat become the default payment system for freelance services around the world. For people in Africa (apart from South Africa), this has been a major hindrance since the service is confined to the rest of the world forgetting the continent. However, if you are in Kenya you may find this post worth your while. PayPal now works in Kenya!
  • Juliet Maruru is Kenyan writer, editor and community manager for several websites such the princess project and storymoja. She is an accomplished writer whose writing is interesting and thought provoking. It was therefore befitting for her to be featured on an international blog. Here is her interview
  • Writers, designers, illustrators, musicians and other creative careers are fraught with challenges and fierce competition. But, to get ahead of the pack, you need skills – creative and business – that will make you stand out. In that case this course is what you need. Your FREE Guide to Success as a Creative Professional.

[I have registered for the course and have already received my first lesson. I must say it is quite informative and an eye opener with a worksheet and a couple of resource material for further reading]

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