Moldova’s Interior Minister catches coronavirus

Moldovan Interior Minister Pavel Voicu has reported that he tested positive for the corona virus. Moldova is one of the least affected countries in Europe by the new disease.

“To avoid misinformation in the media, I confirm that my Covid 19 test result is positive,” said Voicu on his Facebook page, the Russian news agency Sputnik said.

The minister himself stated that his state does not require hospitalization for which he is isolated in his own home.

Moldova’s Interior Minister catches coronavirus
Moldova’s Interior Minister catches coronavirus

So far, 3,980 coronavirus cases have been registered in Moldova, of which 124 have been fatal according to the latest official report.

The Moldovan Parliament declared a state of emergency for 60 days on March 17. The country ceased air communication with all countries and closed its borders on the mainland, prohibited massive cultural and religious activities, suspended education in educational centers, closed shops and cafeterias. (Sputnik)

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