Mogherini claims the cessation of Turkish military action in Syria but rules out linking it to refugee aid

The high representative for the EU Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini, in the Regional Forum of the Union for the Mediterranean. – DAVID ZORRAKINO – EUROPA PRESS

Defend that EU funds go to refugees and not to Turkish authorities


High Representative for Foreign Policy of the EU, Federica Mogherini, has called for an end to Turkish military action in northern Syria but has made clear it would be a mistake to link this requirement to European aid for Syrian refugees in this country : “We would make a mistake if we now question the aid to international agencies that helps the displaced and link it to the military movements.”

Mogherini claims the cessation of Turkish military action in Syria but rules out linking it to refugee aid
Mogherini claims the cessation of Turkish military action in Syria but rules out linking it to refugee aid

This was said Thursday at a press conference, after the meeting of the IV Regional Forum of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation of Spain in office, Josep Borrell; UM Secretary General Nasser Kamel and Jordanian Foreign and Expatriate Minister Ayman Safadi.

The also Vice President of the European Commission (EC) has argued that the aid is intended to Syrian refugees through these agencies and NGOs: “The EU finances the Turkish authorities, but international agencies to help refugees Syrians. ” Thus, he has asked not to make Syrian refugees doubly victims, first because of the war and then due to lack of funding.


Mogherini explained that the forum serves to facilitate contacts and pave the way to address the current crisis, especially the Arab-Israeli conflict, the situation in Libya and the latest developments in Syria: “We hope the situation will improve.”

On the Turkish attack in Syrian territory, he stressed that the EU has reacted firmly and quickly, because this Wednesday of the dramatic humanitarian consequences of any military action. This also means an additional destabilization in the area that could undermine the progress that has been made against Daesh.

“Our position on military intervention is clear, we have asked to stop because the consequences can be very dangerous,” he insisted.


Referring to the words of the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, on Syria, Mogherini has insisted that the EU support to Turkey is the same as giving other countries receiving refugees: “It's going to continue this support and we will continue to respect the agreements we signed. ”

Yes, Juncker also said that “if the Turkish authorities expect the EU to finance any kind of security zone in northern Syria, their expectations will be unsatisfied,” he remarked.

In fact, he stressed that the EU does not finance activities which do not fully respect the rights of local populations and does not endorse the creation of security zones “where (they) can be objective and subject of changes demographic balances based intervention military without legal basis. ” “I have doubts personally that it will be a safe area,” added Mogherini.


For his part, the Jordanian minister began his speech at the press conference congratulating Josep Borrell for his future appointment as head of the high European diplomacy has done on behalf of the King of Jordan and also congratulated him “for 12 October, holiday of Spain “.

It has coincided with Mogherini in Syria that “there is no military solution and the only thing you can afford it is the political solution,” after which stressed that Jordan rejects any interference in Syria's territorial integrity.

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