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MINISO launches its e-commerce platform and expands its sales channels for COVID-19

May 21, 2020

The restriction prompted the Japanese brand to implement a digital strategy in just five weeks to expand its MINISOLOVERS range.

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MINISO launches its e-commerce platform and expands its sales channels for COVID-19
MINISO launches its e-commerce platform and expands its sales channels for COVID-19

The Japanese retail chain MINISO It will rely on e-commerce to adapt to the new trends in consumer habits resulting from the restriction caused by COVID-19.

Arturo Tishman, MINISO’s Vice President for Latin America, announced that the company has announced the launch of its new digital platform with the aim of enabling MINISOLOVERS to do its shopping online. for a few months their almost 200 remain closed Sales outlets in our country.

“Our physical store sales have decreased 100% in the past two months.”

Since the brand arrived in Mexico in 2016, according to Tishman, it is known that the business model in the first phase will be selling in a physical store. And it’s that of being one Love stampThe space is as basic as the products. The shopping experience In a store, it can be the difference whether a certain item is bought or not, he says.

“Now that MINISO is already a very well positioned brand among Mexicans, it is time to start this sales channel. The pandemic has caused us to speed up our processes. What we wanted to develop in four or five months turned out to be that we had to implement it in five weeks and we would release a first version, and from there we would perfect it as planned, but a very complete and faithful version will come out. to what the brand was, ”explains Tishman.

Although the e-commerce platform was slated to launch in the third quarter of this year, the process needed to evolve to respond to new consumption habits resulting from health contingency and is now being introduced.

Hundreds of shopping centers have been closed for more than eight weeks. This has led to exponential growth in e-commerce, a form of sales that, according to figures from 2019, had already seen growth of 28.6% compared to the previous year E-commerce study 2020, produced by the Asociación de Internet.Mx, Visa and KueskiPay.

Indeed the advisor The Competitive Intelligence Unit estimates that Mexico outperforms 63 million users of e-commerce platforms when the restriction ends. The International Data Corporation calculates that online sales transactions will reach 864 billion pesos, with the sector expected to grow by 40% in 2020.

In this way, MINISO participates in the democratization of e-commerce in Mexico, where 91% of the people who make their first online purchase do so a second time, according to a study by Teed Innovación Tecnológica.

Photo: Miniso

“If you are one Love stamp and you have an experience like the one that Miniso made with his MINISOLOVERS. They hope that the brand will accompany you at different times in your life, ”says Gabriela Gutiérrez, E-Commerce Director of MINISO Latin America. “It happened to us that when our customers get married, they buy the wedding penguin and bring it to the party. By activating this digital option, the brand can continue to contact their MINISOLOVERS. In these times of detention, we can take you home from headphones to a microphone to work on a soft toy and hug it at night.

Despite the fact that Mexico’s e-commerce sales are growing almost 30% a year from year to year, online retail transactions accounted for just 1.9% of sales in 2018 Shopper Experience Observatory, created by the Store Media agency and the research company Ipsos.

Although MINISO will continue to rely on sales in its physical stores, it knows that online sales will continue to grow, which is why it has decided to expand its range of distribution channels.

“The sector sale It will break that number with this experience that we live. Let us remember that there is always learning in all crises. For retailers, this is a class time, and it is probably the most important lesson we will have in many years, ”Gutiérrez said. “Some feel more comfortable in a marketplace because they have already bought there, because their card is registered. The topic here is that you can find MINISO where you want, where you normally interact. And in these tight times, a lot of people move around in digital spaces, “he adds.