Millonarios FC announced the launch of its first fan token

Millonarios FC de Colombia has announced an alliance with Chiliz, the leader in blockchain solutions for the sports industry, to launch its official $ MFC fan token through the app. With this agreement, the ambassadors will become the first Colombian sports club to join forces with this platform already supported by world football giants such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Inter Milan, Arsenal, Atlético de. Madrid, Galatasaray or the national teams of Argentina and Portugal, among others, are used to interact with their fans around the world.

Currently, fans can go to the game and cheer on the team. You buy the tickets and after ninety minutes they go home. Until recently, this was the football experience. There is a lack of participation outside the stadium. The partnership with will change that.

And that’s it, The fans of the Blue Ballet, as the millionaires are also called, who are in possession of the fan token $ MFC, can participate in important decisions of the team through surveys. The $ MFC Fan Token will give millionaire fans around the world unprecedented access to the club.

Millonarios FC announced the launch of its first fan token
Millonarios FC announced the launch of its first fan token

In addition, fans can measure their skills in games, contests and competitions with other fans around the world, compete on global leaderboards and collect club-related real and digital rewards, benefits and experiences. Fans can also access exclusive content and experience’s augmented reality and geo-location function “Token Hunt”.

No official release date for fan tokens

So far, the start date of the $ MFC Fan Token will be announced shortly, as will the number of tokens that will be available for sale and their price. was developed with the mission to transform the role of the fan from a passive viewer to an active protagonist of the sport in order to build loyalty and monetize your followers worldwide.

Millonarios FC President Enrique Camacho said: “It is very important for Millonarios FC to be at the top and at the height of the best clubs in the world. As part of the renowned organization, we can be the first team in Colombia to be part of this recognized interaction platform.

For his part, Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and, said: “We are very excited about this agreement with Millonarios FC, which marks our doorstep entry into a football-loving country with a great history like Colombia. “. with users in more than 160 countries

So far, ensures that it has around 1.3 million users in more than 160 countries. With his proposal, he has signed the most important clubs. These include FC Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Arsenal and Juventus. is responsible for monetizing with brands by creating and distributing and marketing personalized tokens that are used by different teams from different sports disciplines to generate more resources.

Created by Chiliz, the leading blockchain provider to the global sports and entertainment industry, has significant expansion plans and is targeting many more fan token launches around the world. The company has several offices around the world. It recently opened new regional headquarters in Madrid, Istanbul, São Paulo and Buenos Aires and will soon open an office in North America. For Millonarios FC, this is without a doubt a leap towards blockchain technology.

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