Millionaire David Rubenstein gives advice on entrepreneurship

David Rubenstein is the father of so-called patriotic philanthropy. He is also known for refusing to invest in the Zuckerberg and Bezos projects.

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Millionaire David Rubenstein gives advice on entrepreneurship
Millionaire David Rubenstein gives advice on entrepreneurship

The millionaire and co-founder of the Carlyle Group, David Rubensteinis an entrepreneur with great experience, but also with mistakes like refusing to invest in the projects of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, which later became Facebook and Amazon. At the Tec de Monterrey, the philanthropist also gave some advice for entrepreneurs.

During his conference entitled ship in the 21st CenturyRubenstein said, “Many people, including me, said Jeff Bezos that his internet book sale would not be successful. Many told Steve Jobs that he would not get anywhere. The same applies to Mark Zuckerberg. But people like that held out. “

The businessman told how he had managed to be a successful entrepreneur when he found that he didn’t enjoy pursuing a career as a lawyer and started the Carlyle Group.

The key is perseverance. The millionaire said to his audience: “Even if your idea is not so wonderful or you are not the smartest person; Even if you don’t work so hard, you should persevere and not take no for an answer. “

But to be a successful entrepreneur, it is not enough to persevere if you leave the teamwork aside. For Rubenstein, the ability to work with others is essential. “Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have learned to work with others, and even though they suddenly have difficult personalities, they have learned how to do it.”

And this goes hand in hand with another tip he gave his audience: share the loan.

“Even if you think you’re the genius, you should share the credit.”

Of all the skills an entrepreneur must have, knowing how to convince them, said the philanthropist: “There are three ways to do this: learn to communicate orally – so that you can listen to yourself when speaking – learn to write and learn to lead with the example is the best way to convince ”.

Rubenstein is also convinced that an entrepreneur must have ethical behavior. “The entrepreneur wants to be successful for the right reasons. None of the big entrepreneurs started with money, but was motivated to push ahead and test an idea. Money is a consequence. “

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