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Millennials prefer local businesses to quarantine their grocery store

September 3, 2020

These are the consumption habits of millennials during the health emergency.

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  • Wednesday was the most popular shopping day and replaced the weekend.

  • 33% of millennials chose to shop in local stores.

Millennials prefer local businesses to quarantine their grocery storeMillennials prefer local businesses to quarantine their grocery store

When COVID-19 arrived in Mexico, citizens began looking for ways to adjust their consumption habits and purchase the products necessary to stay at home. Supermarkets had a large influx of people with some items sold out. However, the behavior has evolved to the point that local businesses have turned the trade around.

According to a study carried out by fintech Bnext from March to August, local businesses have become preferred places for 33% of millennials to buy their super among the 13 most common alternatives, and they have shown an economic loss of more than 334 A thousand pesos.

“Although we have seen drastic changes in the shopping habits of Mexicans during these months, it is also true that the restriction and concern about maintaining security measures has led young people to resort to the corner business. thus supporting trade in their neighborhood and feeling protected by not being in contact with many people in a facility, “says Cristian Huertas, Country Manager at Bnext.

The study showed that too E-commerce It still doesn’t fully position itself among millennials as a way to stock up their closet as 90% of purchases made were made at the point of sale.


On the flip side, young people were spending more in the supermarket, with an average ticket per visit of 326 pesos compared to 175 pesos in local stores, and the supermarket was placed last with an average expense of 54 pesos.

Finally, the research also found that Wednesdays replaced the weekends as the preferred shopping day.

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