Microsoft unveils its family of business electronic devices to Surface and arrives at home in Mexico

With the introduction of each new product, the boundaries are pushed to provide increasingly better performance for mobile formats.

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Microsoft unveils its family of business electronic devices to Surface and arrives at home in Mexico
Microsoft unveils its family of business electronic devices to Surface and arrives at home in Mexico

It is official. Microsoft showcased the arrival of a new line of Surface family devices as part of a technology investment project in Mexico. The news was released last Tuesday, August 4th, through a virtual event where the features of the six announced products and the main purpose of Microsoft Surface.

“Surface is particularly relevant as it is part of our $ 1,100 million investment plan in the country, called ‘Innovar por México’, that aims to accelerate the country’s digital transformation. Therefore, with Surface, we have selected a wide range of models, specifically designed for business use, to make learning easier and enjoying the people we love most, “said Enrique Perezyera, CEO of Microsoft Mexico.

Surface means two things: productivity and versatility. This line of equipment is designed to meet the needs of the user according to his profile, that is, to create products for purposes ranging from business and educational purposes to simple entertainment. This is how the 6 members of the Surface family were selected to be available to Mexican users.


When will they arrive?

Regarding the dates, it was mentioned during the event that on Wednesday August 5th, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3 arrived in the country. What are they made of?

  • Surface Pro 7: This two-in-one device is ultra-light and versatile. It includes a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a battery that can last all day. Plus, it offers faster processing, more USB-A and USB-C ports and connections. Ideal for homework, shopping, creativity, innovation, creating a business plan, or entertainment, according to Microsoft.
  • Surface Pro X: Experts describe it as light, slim, always connected and the strongest. This device is integrated with LTE mobile communication technology, which means it is like a cell phone but on a tablet.
  • Surface laptop 3: This model is thinner and lighter and looks stylish. With a battery life of up to 12 hours, it is the ideal laptop for everyday use. Ideal for those looking for power and customization options.

“We are obsessed with how design is part of our lives and how we can adapt Surface to each of our daily activities. Regardless of what role you play within the company and in the industry in which you are developing, there is a surface model that facilitates tasks and communication and helps ensure that nothing stands between your imagination and your imagination. What do you think? “Said Verónica Peña, director of modern work, security and device solutions for Microsoft Mexico.

On the other hand, we’ll have to wait until the 25th of this month to get the Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3.

  • Surface Go 2: The design is lightweight and portable, the most accessible 2-in-1 option in the portfolio and ideal for everyone, whether in the business or with the consumer.
  • Surface book 3: Microsoft calls it its “most powerful laptop in history”. It was developed with the power of a desktop computer in mind. The user can choose between two screen sizes: 13.5 “or 15”.

In addition, the devices in the Surface family are accompanied by various accessories to improve the user experience. such as cases, touchscreen pens, and various types of mobile mice.

“What makes Surface different is the perfect combination of performance and versatility, as well as the flexibility to use a device either as a rugged laptop or as a high-performance tablet with accessory support, resulting in incredible user satisfaction. Customers, ”added Moisés Avelar, Consumer Director for Hispanic Latin America at Microsoft.

The Surface business range has a number of features that make it an ideal choice for the workplace, such as: B. the Windows 10 Pro operating system, Intel processors of the 10th generation and the integration of extremely useful office systems such as Teams, Office and Microsoft EMS.

Microsoft Surface is becoming a series of devices that deliver a great user experience through incredibly crafted software and hardware.

The devices of the Surface family adapt to the needs of the user thanks to their versatility. In the same way, it’s easy to move them anywhere and easily and conveniently.

These products will be commercially available BestBuy, Costco and Liverpool for consumers across the Mexican Republic. For business use, Microsoft makes Surface resellers available to users who are responsible for implementing this system in their company.

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