Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo but they laughed at them

The company wanted Nintendo software for the original Xbox.

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Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo but they laughed at them
Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo but they laughed at them

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In a way, it’s been two decades since Microsoft first announced the Xbox when they entered gaming consoles. especially the Xbox was presented at CES 2001. To commemorate this start, Bloomberg posted an extensive oral story on how the console came about. It is fascinating read, but one that highlights one passage in particular: details about the efforts of Microsoft to protect games for the new console. While the company was asking third-party developers to work on the Xbox, Microsoft was also considering using its considerable financial strength to buy developers. And Microsoft set ambitious goals and reached out to Nintendo to make an acquisition.

You laughed at Microsoft, says Kevin Bachus, director of third party relations for the Xbox Project. “They just laughed out loud,” said Bachus Bloomberg. Imagine an hour when someone is laughing at you. So was this meeting. “

Microsoft’s specific speech made sense. At the time, Nintendo was way behind Sony from a hardware standpoint. So Microsoft thought it could do the hardware production and let Nintendo focus on the software. “We had Nintendo in our building in January 2000 to work out the details of a joint venture where we would give them all the technical specifications for the Xbox,” said Bob Mcbreen, director of business development. “The sound was that the hardware wasn’t working, and compared to the Sony PlayStation it was. So the idea was to tell them, “Listen, you’re so much better at the Mario parts of the game and all of that. Why don’t you let us take care of the hardware? “But it did not work.

While this is arguably the most notable of Microsoft’s failed acquisitions, there have been a few other notable developers who turned down the company’s proposals. EA It was the first company Microsoft reached out to. The software giant had a simpler “no thanks”. Microsoft also met with square (now known as Square enix) and the developer of Mortal Kombat Midway.

Microsoft made an acquisition from the first day of the Xbox flagship. At the time, Bungie was a little-known developer, however Halo: Combat Evolved It arrived alongside the first Xbox in November 2001 and received immediate praise. It is no exaggeration to say that the game gave the Xbox instant legitimacy and helped it gain a significant share of the gaming market despite the dominance of Sony and Nintendo. For more information on the making of the first Xbox, see the oral story of Dina Bass at Bloomberg It is a must to read.

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