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MexVSCovid19: These entrepreneurs want to help your business continue to operate These entrepreneurs want to help your business continue to function

April 8, 2020

7 women met with the idea of ​​helping entrepreneurs to survive this crisis.

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MexVSCovid19: These entrepreneurs want to help your business continue to operate These entrepreneurs want to help your business continue to functionMexVSCovid19: These entrepreneurs want to help your business continue to operate These entrepreneurs want to help your business continue to function

What to do in the face of a health emergency situation so that a country's economy continues to move?

Just over two weeks ago , seven women dedicated to different professions launched Mexicanos against Covid 19 , a non-profit initiative whose objective is to connect businesses with the necessary support to survive the impact of social distancing.

“We live in a country where 57% of the economy is informal, we understood the great need to have a platform like this, since there are people who cannot stay at home and their options are reduced to getting sick from COVID-19 or not. having to eat, so what we want is to invite consumers to do an exercise in awareness and empathy, since we are used to buying inputs from a single platform, “says Valentina Martínez in an interview with in Spanish.

This initiative wants you to find a wide range of products and services, in addition to showing you the direct social impact that your purchase has. “For example, we tell you how many employees maintain an income or payroll when you choose to buy with them,” explains Martínez.

In the same way, they want to create an empathetic community, so they invite businesses to share a bit of their history with the people behind them or those who will directly benefit if a user decides to buy from them.

One of his examples or success stories was Clemente, owner of the French restaurant La Vie en Rose, who upon contacting them and receiving visibility received the necessary orders to pay the outstanding salaries of his employees.

Two weeks after its foundation, they have already been contacted by an approximate number of 100 entrepreneurs, who will not only provide visibility but also help them through allies with courses on how to act in these uncertain times.

For the latter, companies such as Muuk (who gave the webinar “From crisis to opportunity” to 150 entrepreneurs) have joined; Get More (which gave an Instagram live and free advice to support all businesses to make their online sales channel) and Big Whale (which will give advice for bank debt restructuring, analysis of non-productive expenses and profitability of projects) .

Organization above all

The founders of Mexicanos against Covid 19 are Verónica Valles Torrescano, María Chávez Rule, Stephania Escalante Reyes, Constanza Müggenburg Camil, Paola Kiehnle Barocio, Paulina Sánchez Galindo, and Valentina Martínez Azanza. These girls share the tasks to create the databases, organize webinars, trainings, and manage the initiative's social networks.

Photo: courtesy of MexVsCovid19

“We are seven so one is dedicated to emails, another is dedicated to Instagram, what we do is generate the content, we divide it into the day and at night we go to zooms or videoconferences and give it the necessary follow-up,” says Martínez. .

Likewise, the entrepreneurs have had to find the times through the organization because they all have their own jobs during office hours.

To participate, entrepreneurs must:

Provide them with the logo of the company, service or product, explain what the business is doing and how the impact of the pandemic has been for them.

“For example: I have 7 employees and I have not been able to pay the payroll, this is because the empathic and social turn is very important for the platform,” explains Martínez.

In addition, they will have to add the information from their social networks or means of contact so that they can give them the necessary dissemination and explain how they are doing the delivery of their products.

All this information should be sent to the email to enter the initiative's database. For more information you can also contact them through their Instagram , Twitter and Facebook .

“That history becomes a voice is important, we need the engagement between entrepreneurs and consumers to be successful.”

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