Mexico will not suspend flights from the United Kingdom for the time being, these countries in America and Europe will

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This Sunday, several European countries announced the suspension of flights from the United Kingdom. This in response to that new strain of coronavirus discovered in this land, more contagious than the previous ones. In the past few hours, several countries have received from Latin America have joined the preventive measure. For his part, Mexico it will keep its borders open for flights from the British nation.

Mexico will not suspend flights from the United Kingdom for the time being, these countries in America and Europe will
Mexico will not suspend flights from the United Kingdom for the time being, these countries in America and Europe will

Last night, during the press conference on the coronavirus situation in Mexico, the doctor José Luis Alomía Zegarra, Director General for EpidemiologyThe vigilance towards the new variant of the virus remains SARS-CoV-2.

“We will be very attentive to the positions of the WHO and to the data that the European Union has published in the following days.”Alomy noticed. “This variant has not been found to cause any more serious disease, let alone more fatal compared to other variants.”added.

However, the official confirmed that the new strain of the coronavirus it has already been discovered in the United States and Brazil.

On the same Sunday, around 9 p.m., a Direct flight from London the airline British Airways landed at Terminal 1 of Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Santiago Argüero de Buen, AICM’s social communications manager, said the appropriate hygiene protocols will be implemented for this flight in the same way as for the rest of the arrivals. In statements to Forbes, he added that the Federal Ministry of Health (SSA) is responsible for drawing up health records for these cases, so the company it belongs to is not empowered to regulate them.

This Monday, in his morning conference, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador noted that the Mexican government analyze whether flights from the UK should be canceled.

“Today (Monday) the case will be analyzed and decisions will be made when it is earned.”said López Obrador on his usual morning. He also announced that the matter had been discussed early with the Secretary and Undersecretary of State for Health, with whom he is coordinating the response to the pandemic.

According to the British Airways site More than 40 flights from the UK will land in Mexico, mostly tied for CDMX and Cancun.

Which countries have already closed their borders with the UK?

On December 20, several countries in Europe and America announced the veto against flights and boats of British origin. The first to speak were Holland, Belgium and Italy, followed by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Ireland. At the same time, Switzerland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia You have announced extraordinary measures to prevent the new variant from occurring. Spain announced that it would only increase control at the airport for the time being, but ruled out the cancellation of flights.

The government of Israel announced a travel ban from Great Britain, Denmark and South Africa. Saudi Arabia ordered the suspension of any single entry into the country by land, sea or air for a period of one week, renewable to two.

Canada will ban flights from the UK for 72 hours from Monday, confirmed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Those entering the country this Monday because their flights were already planned or in transit will have to undergo another series of “secondary” measures.

in the Latin America, Countries like Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and El Salvador adopted the same measure to prevent the spread of the newly discovered Variant of COVID-19. Brazil, The country hardest hit by the pandemic in the region has not put any restrictions in place.

The first to respond was Argentinawith 1.5 million positive cases and nearly 42,000 deaths. The President’s Government Alberto Fernandez announced that all flights to and from the UK have been suspended, with the exception of a British Airways service which was already en route to Buenos Aires. Passengers on the plane who are scheduled to land at 9:30 a.m. local time must undergo a rapid PCR test and a seven-day quarantine.

in the Colombiapresident Ivan duque announced the suspension of flights from the UK starting this Monday. Dimensions “They must not create a worrying situation or panic among the citizens. These are preventive measures that are responsibly taken and the aim of which is to exercise better epidemiological control. “declared the Colombian executive.

Colombian residents who have been in the UK in the past two weeks and who are entering the country from third countries must adhere to a 14-day quarantine. If they are foreigners, they are banned from entry and they will be returned at their expense to the airline that transferred them.

Chile, Due to the gradual tightening of detention, the restriction will be implemented from Tuesday, December 22nd and for two weeks. Foreign aliens who have been to the UK and come to Santiago for connections are not allowed to enter. The residents have to undergo 14 days of isolation.

For his part, Peru It has withdrawn its direct flight authorization from the UK, issued on December 15, following the suspension imposed since the pandemic began. “As a preventive measure, we will not approve direct or intermediate flights in the UK until further notice.”reported the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

According to reports from British authorities, la new strain of coronavirus discovered in the UK a transmission capacity of 70% more than the rest. Up to one 62% of new infections in London They are the product of this mutation in the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to the European experts quoted by the German Minister of Health, the Covid-19 vaccines currently being processed are considered effective against the mutated strain.

“The new variant has no effect on vaccines, which are still just as effective.”said the German minister Jens Spahn to the public broadcaster ZDF.

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