Mexico says it has halved the flow of migration with the new strategy


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, has assured that the migration flow in the country has been reduced by 56 percent since June as a result of the new “functional and successful” strategy.

“We are crediting that the strategy that Mexico proposed has been successful … I do not expect that there will be a tariff threat on Tuesday, because it would not be understood. That is, why would there be a tariff discussion if there is a 56 percent reduction in three months? “Ebrard said in an appearance with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Mexico says it has halved the flow of migration with the new strategy
Mexico says it has halved the flow of migration with the new strategy

Ebrard has stressed that he will again reject the intention of making Mexico a safe third country because it is considered an unfair and inequitable measure. However, according to the official information issued on Friday by the official, since January 29, the United States has sent 23,607 asylum seekers to wait in Mexican territory for the resolution of their processes.

Ebrard will be at the White House on Tuesday to evaluate the bilateral containment plan signed with the United States last June. Based on the previous data, you will notice that there are no elements to be threatened again in the commercial field.

For now, at the table in Washington, he will ask his counterpart to advance investment in Central America instead of opting for mass deportation, because of 5,800 million dollars committed, he has barely authorized 350.

The list of petitions – both at the White House and at the United Nations assembly to be held this month – includes the requirement to formulate a specific strategy against terrorism and arms control at the common border.

The United States and Mexico signed on June 7 a commitment to contain in 90 days the migratory flow in exchange for not escaping into a commercial conflict. Mexico will present numbers: 56 percent reduction from the peak of 144,266 registered migrants in May compared to 63,989 in August.

The plan includes the deployment of 25,000 members of the new National Guard: 14,951 on the northern border and 10,500 on the south. However, Erbrard said, only seven incidents related to the National Guard have been reported to the National Human Rights Commission.

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