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Mexico says Bolivia intercepted Vehicles of the Spanish Embassy after a “courtesy visit”

December 28, 2019


The Government of Mexico has denounced this Friday that Bolivian security forces have intercepted several vehicles of the Spanish Embassy in the country after a “courtesy visit” by the country's business manager, Cristina Borreguero, after the criticisms expressed from La Paz.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry has indicated that Borreguero and the consul of Spain in Bolivia, Álvaro Fernández, have met during the day with the ambassador of Mexico in Bolivia, María Teresa Mercado, in the Residence of Mexico in Bolivia.

Mexico says Bolivia intercepted Vehicles of the Spanish Embassy after a “courtesy visit”Mexico says Bolivia intercepted Vehicles of the Spanish Embassy after a “courtesy visit”

In its statement, collected by the Mexican newspaper 'La Razón', the Ministry has stressed that the meeting was held normally for 40 minutes and that Mercado subsequently accompanied visitors to the entrance of the facilities to wait for their cars, which “had left the perimeter and were outside the residence. ”

“Seeing that diplomatic vehicles did not arrive and visitors could no longer communicate with their chauffeurs or their security elements, Ambassador Mercado moved to the end of the terrace to see if a car was going up the hill from the urbanization” , has indicated.

Thus, he added that the Mexican ambassador heard screams and “invited to re-enter the residence” Borreguero and Fernández “, after which both” were informed that their cars had been stopped at the access of the urbanization to the residence of Mexico and they were not allowed to enter. ”

Mexico has highlighted that subsequently it was confirmed that the Bolivian authorities did not give permission to access the vehicles and that Borreguero managed to contact the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which transferred him to go down on foot until the entrance of the urbanization, to which both diplomats they denied in the absence of their security team.

Finally, the Bolivian Foreign Ministry announced that an official vehicle of the country's Executive would come to pick them up, something that was accepted by both, always according to the version provided by the Mexican authorities.

“The car arrived just over an hour later,” he said, before adding that the head of the Foreign Ministry of the Mexican Embassy was also detained in an official vehicle in the same access and, “although she was allowed to enter, your identification was required. ”


The statement has been published shortly after the Bolivian government accused the Spanish Embassy in the country of “abuses” of its sovereignty over an incident at the diplomatic headquarters of Mexico in the country's capital, La Paz.

The foreign minister of the South American country, Karen Longaric, has denounced in a press conference and through a statement that “people who have been identified as officials of the Embassy of Spain in Bolivia, accompanied by people with their faces covered, tried to enter surreptitious and clandestine form to the diplomatic residence of Mexico in La Paz. ”

Thus, he stressed that “the number one question (…) is what was the reason for the Minister Minister of Spain to visit the Mexican ambassador accompanied by people with their faces covered and presumably armed, as the neighbors of area”.

In this regard, he has argued that “the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a note to the Ministry of the Kingdom of Spain denouncing these abuses and demanding strict compliance with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.”

The Bolivian minister has added that La Paz “is sending a copy” of the note “to all the organs of the European Union (…), in addition to the United Nations, the Organization of American States (OAS) and all regional organizations that they link Bolivia. ”

“The Bolivian Foreign Ministry has yet to calmly analyze this issue, although the facts are evident, they are recorded in photographs and videos,” he said, before adding that the Bolivian Executive “will know how to give the appropriate response in a case of such an offense the sovereignty of Bolivia. ”

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation has agreed at the end of this Friday to open an investigation into the events that occurred during Borreguero's visit to the Mexican Embassy in Bolivia.


Longaric stressed that the Bolivian Police have “slowed the entry of vehicles to the facilities” and added that “the presence of people with faces covered in the condominium represented a potential threat.”

“The diplomatic staff of the Embassy of Spain freely entered the Mexican diplomatic residence and their dignity was respected at all times and their personal security was protected,” he said.

Longaric has pointed out that the actions of the security forces “were strictly attached to the standards of protection that the Vienna Convention obliges the Receiving State

Therefore, he stressed that “the actions of the staff of the Embassy of Spain violate the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations” and stressed that “diplomatic and security personnel of the Embassy of Spain in Bolivia are not authorized to carry firearms or wear outfits that hide your identity. ”

“These acts contravene the most fundamental diplomatic practices and violate the principle of inviolability, considering also that they used vehicles with diplomatic plates assigned to the Embassy of Spain, misusing the immunities, privileges and guarantees that the Bolivian State recognizes and grants to any diplomatic mission accredited in the country, “he argued.

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