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Mexico plans to peak the pandemic on May 6

May 1, 2020

Experts’ forecasts predict that Mexico will reach the climax of the coronavirus pandemic on May 6, according to Hugo López-Gatell, Under-Secretary of State for Health Promotion and Prevention, infections reported this Friday, but only if the indication is at home to stay is fulfilled, as well as the recommendation to keep your distance.

“The peak of the epidemic will be between May 8th and 10th. We have one week to go until that peak and it will only go down if we stay home,” he said at a press conference at the National Palace. “If we leave the house, this prediction will not be true,” he warned.

López-Gatell emphasized that the pandemic occurs at different times in each state in the country, which can effectively realign the efforts of the health system and that all states have the necessary medical care and equipment to curb the spread. “We will be able to segment the interventions to serve the whole country in due course and that the epidemic will overwhelm us,” he said.

Mexico plans to peak the pandemic on May 6Mexico plans to peak the pandemic on May 6

With this in mind, the Under Secretary of State for Health has indicated that attention efforts in regions like Tijuana in Baja California will be doubled; Culiacan in Sinaloa; Villahermosa in Tabasco and Cancún in Quintana Roo given the high number of registered cases.

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