Mexicans believe that a complicated labor market is the barrier to better opportunities: LinkedIn

A study conducted by the professional social network revealed what are the obstacles that Mexicans identify as those that allow us to have access to opportunities.

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LinkedIn presented its 2020 Opportunities Index study , in which it discovered what are the main barriers that Mexicans perceive to have access to opportunities that give them fullness both professionally and personally, and within them, highlights that of a complicated labor market.

Mexicans believe that a complicated labor market is the barrier to better opportunities: LinkedIn
Mexicans believe that a complicated labor market is the barrier to better opportunities: LinkedIn

This research collects the results of a survey applied to more than 30,000 people between 18 and 65, including more than one thousand respondents in Mexico. The goal of it is to provide another level of transparency so that people can support each other while home one looks for their opportunities.

According to the social network, these are the barriers that identify the Mexican:

1. A complicated labor market

According to the study, 30% of Mexicans believe that such a complex labor market is the most important gap to access better opportunities. Within this environment, the following characteristics stand out: lack of job opportunities, staff turnover and high competitiveness.

The subjects believe that this problem directly affects the possibility of finding a job that offers a good balance between personal and professional life, and job stability.

2. Not having adequate financial status

People recognize that the current economic context has a direct link to the challenges they face, such as having enough money to meet their needs and making it difficult to meet family commitments. 28% of them agree that having adequate financial status is a key gap to access opportunities. This problem can affect their lives by not allowing them to spend more time with their families and to start their own business.

Although the majority of respondents agreed that good health (51%) is the most essential component of having what they call a “good life,” most of the factors that define this well-being in the Aztec country, they have to do with labor and financial issues.

3. The generation gap

23% of Mexicans worry that their age represents a major obstacle in the search for job opportunities. They also affirm that age can be an important impediment to entering the labor market.

The challenge: finding the essential ingredients to move forward in life

However, these people are aware that success is not something that comes by itself. 87% of them argue that hard work represents the most important aspect to consider in order to move forward in their lives. Likewise, other aspects that they consider important to face obstacles are: the will to face changes, be ambitious in their professional careers, and equal access to job opportunities.

In global terms, Mexico is above the other countries that prioritize hard work (81%) and the importance of having the will to face the changes (80%). If you want to see the full report you can find it here.

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