Mexican stock exchange Tauros launches crypto debit card

Tauros, a Mexico-based exchange and neobank, On August 4, a new Visa debit card was launched to the market, which can be loaded with cryptocurrencies and issued in pesos at any commercial facility.

Thanks to an alliance between Tauros and Visa For the first time, the Mexican market will have a physical debit card that can be replenished with cryptocurrencies and spent in Mexican pesos.. The exchange shows that, according to the company, this is a new opportunity for the millions of Mexicans who own cryptocurrencies.

As of August 4, any Mexico-based citizen or legal resident will have the option to open an account on the stock exchange and request a debit card, as stated in the company’s press release. The company also mentioned that it will announce competitions and raffles on social networks over the next few days to deliver the first 50 tickets.

Mexican stock exchange Tauros launches crypto debit card
Mexican stock exchange Tauros launches crypto debit card

Salvador Meléndez, CEO of Tauros, said the announcement was a “major milestone for Tauros and the crypto ecosystem in Mexico“” Meléndez also added that the Mexican ecosystem is looking for a way to spend its cryptocurrencies, and concluded that the fact that users have the ability to use the funds “at their discretion” is positive is and eThey are “happy” to be able to make this available to their users.

Dash rewards

The Tauros card is launched in collaboration with Dash Core Group, the development team behind Dash. Thanks to this alliance, In the first few days of the card launch, users will be rewarded with 2% of the amount spent in Dash for whatever they spend. You can also choose to receive rewards in Bitcoin, although this is only 0.5% of the amount spent here.

Regarding this reward, Ernesto Contreras, Head of Business Development at Dash Core Group, commented in the same press release that the idea of ​​”dashback” is an example of the work they have done with Tauros in Mexico and Latin America. In his words This new Tauros card enables cryptocurrencies to evolve to facilitate online shopping and use in general commercial settings.

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