Mexican startups are sought to solve financial health problems

Village Capital announced the new tender for Finance Forward Latin America 2021 with the support of the MetLife Foundation in Brazil and Mexico as well as Moody’s. For the first time, this acceleration program will support startups that are building technological solutions for the future of work.

Between 10 and 12 startups will be selected to participate in the virtual workshops Starting in August, with an emphasis on technologies that will help indispensable, informal, self-employed workers reduce income volatility, develop professional skills, and have access to benefits and cash in the event of an emergency.

Mexican startups are sought to solve financial health problems
Mexican startups are sought to solve financial health problems

For the past few years, Mexican startups have like Billpocket, Vexi, Delay and ePesos They were part of Village Capital Latin America’s Financial Health Accelerator Programs. s like her are delivering valuable innovations that enable more and more Mexicans to access financial services that were previously only available to a segment of the population.

“In 2020, the Mexican economy contracted 8.5%, the largest decline in 90 years,” said Daniel Cossío, regional lead for Village Capital Latin America. “As a result, economic challenges have increased for millions of individuals and small businesses. Fortunately, there is a growing list of startups trying to improve the financial health of individuals and small businesses, help them manage their income, make the transition to the formal economy, and plan for the future. I am excited to work with these startups through this accelerator.

“The MetLife Foundation is committed to building the trust people need to pursue their personal and professional ambitions,” said Nalleli Garcia, MetLife Foundation. “We are proud to support Finance Forward Latin America this year as it will support a new generation of financial solutions for the modern worker.”

“At Moody’s, we strive to empower small growing businesses through knowledge,” said Marina Rosemberg, AMD’s Head and Relationship Management at Moody’s. “We believe the training offered at Finance Forward Latin America 2021, along with the resources and confidence, will enable business owners to create a better future for themselves and their communities.”

From August to November, the selected startups take part in virtual workshops to strengthen their preparation for receiving investments. Each company has the opportunity to work closely with industry experts, investors and ecosystem partners to build the relationships it needs to scale its impact.

All startups applying for the program are invited to join Abaca, Village Capital’s global online network that helps entrepreneurs become aware of their business and see if they are ready to invest (in the appropriate Cases) or for their next expansion. . The network also connects them with the right investors and resources.

The call for applications ends on June 18, 2021. All details on the eligibility of the program can be found at this link.

For more information, contact Sofía Cándano from Village Capital.

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