Mexican gallery ventures into the world of NFTs

Last week it was Opening of the new and perhaps first Mexican art gallery dedicated to artists working with NFT (Token No Fungibles) works. The main purpose of this introduction is undoubtedly to open up more spaces for digital art to be valued and supported, currently at the national level, but you will not lose this at the international level in the future.

This project began thanks to a group of autodidacts and connoisseurs of contemporary art through contacts, market studies and the formation of a community of people engaged in digital art, the NFT art gallery was created, which is explicitly dedicated to art.

The pandemic had to do with the explosion in crypto-art. The importance attached to digital art was very necessary because, despite its decades of existence, it could not fit in the role it deserved in contemporary art. We faced the dilemma of how valuable the immaterial is compared to the material. For years we thought that materiality was an intrinsic quality of works of art, but it isn’t. As we started to question this, a panorama of possibilities opened up for another type of art, like crypto nowto???? Mónica Zamora, the director of the Artcrypted Gallery, commented on El Economista.

Mexican gallery ventures into the world of NFTs
Mexican gallery ventures into the world of NFTs

The Artcrypted Gallery begins with the participation of 16 digital artists spread across Europe, Latin America and Asia. Among them are: the Argentine THÃR, next to animator, urban artist; the South African Zaid Fredericks, founder of the Constellation project; the Canadian Esther Liang, self-proclaimed digital painter and sculptor; Martha Maya, glitch and video composition specialist, Japanese animator Shishi Yamazaki; among other.

â ???? We are looking for openness to new discourses and new suggestions. We’ve looked at all of the crypto art markets to see what kind of works are being auctioned, what countries are most talked about about them. This is how we built up this offer, which ranges from videos, animations, photographs to GIFs. We intend to act as a gallery that cares about promoting the works and interests of its artists. We want to expand the ecosystem and be part of this pioneering moment in Mexico. Then we want to position ourselves as one of the best NFT galleries on an international levelâ ????

Although the gallery staff want to give more recognition to digital art, they also want to be a hub where you can learn about the crypto world itself and about crypto art.

We want it to be a place of dialogue that is educational about what crypto art is, what wallets are, how trading works, what the gas fee is. In order to enter the market, you need knowledge of these terms and how the market works, we also want to create a community of curators, historians who talk about crypto art, we want people who are experts in cryptocurrenciesâ ??? ? explained Zamora in an interview with El Economista.

Binance NFT and Artcrypted Gallery

Today, the Binance exchange platform leads the digital currency exchange ecosystem worldwide, and last week it launched its Binance NFT platform.

This new functionality is technically based on a market that includes digital art that users can trade in NFTs as Binance NFT has great liquidity. The platform is powered by Binance’s blockchain ecosystem, BSC.

Last week, Binance NFT hosted around 100 global projects for its market launch, including the Artcrypted Gallery. And today, July 2nd, two works from the recently opened gallery will be auctioned on Binance NFT.

These two works are: the MP4 – Ancient Royal Warrior Goddess – by Isis Love for around 3.8 Binance Coins (BNB), which at the time of writing corresponds to USD 1,071.6, and the seven video series – Meta (art) work by Salvador Dalâ ??? ? that’s around $ 2,750 ..

The introduction of the blockchain into the art world has given us something to talk about and is still not commonplace, so crypto art continues to be a topic of conversation and causes amazement when more galleries join the digital world .TO

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