Mexican entrepreneurs develop AI-based tool that detects suspected cases of COVID-19

Diagnstikare: is a web application that provides prevention and containment instructions free of charge, in addition to having the support and personalized attention of doctors 24/7.

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Without hesitation, the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating innovation in many sectors, and among entrepreneurs it is no exception. The Mexican startup Diagnostikare , a digital health company founded in 2018, focused mainly on the business market, developed a free online tool to help timely detection of suspected cases of contagion.

Mexican entrepreneurs develop AI-based tool that detects suspected cases of COVID-19
Mexican entrepreneurs develop AI-based tool that detects suspected cases of COVID-19

This is Diagnostikare: , a web platform through which first-contact doctors can refer patients who require it to scheduled and emergency transfer services with isolation chambers. This is thanks to an alliance with a leading pre-hospital healthcare company.

“It seemed to us of utmost importance to support the current situation, so we developed this online tool to make it available to the general public, offering quality guidance without having to go out and seek a doctor, free of charge.”

Rafael López, CEO Diagnostikare.

Rafael López, CEO of Diagnostikare. Photo: Courtesy

The primary intention of the tool is to help advanced users and technology with advanced algorithms to quickly assess their risk of coronavirus infection and offer recommendations on what to do next. That is, it provides guidance and accompaniment with specially prepared medical advice.

It is an online tool for mobiles, which does not require downloading, it is constantly evolving (daily transmission reports, new functions, relevant content), to adapt almost in real time to the needs of national and international health authorities, such as the Secretariat of Health (SSA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“We are using the large amount of anonymised data from our patient base, such as risk factors and demographic characteristics, among others, and, in accordance with containment protocols and timely detection by national and international organizations, we can produce a much more accurate result and based on evidence for the patient, “says Rafael López.

Artificial intelligence

Diagnostikare's product development team, together with its medical staff and health advisors, designed this web application based on authorized care protocols and supported by the norms and standards in the matter.

It is based on a comprehensive, end-to-end care model, so it is not limited to only offering medical guidance and advice, a fundamental part of the online instrument, but will allow linking and referring patients to other services, as needed. identified during patient evaluation.

Unlike some of the self-assessment questionnaires by score based on user responses, Diagnostikare: uses advanced AI algorithms to calculate a preliminary risk score (when the user creates their account) and generate a result with much greater precision, from a preventive medicine approach, for the benefit of the patient.

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This model allows providing personalized attention to patients, first through robots and then through direct contact with doctors and other health professionals through telemedicine.


  • Reduces uncertainty and disinformation

  • Offers prevention and reaction measures

  • Avoid unnecessary transfers and exposure

  • Avoid saturating health services

  • Issues validated prescriptions (in case of contact with

  • It is a 24/7 remote healthcare service

Additionally, the user also has access to relevant content created by the Diagnostikare Health Services team, with up-to-date, dynamic and evidence-based information on nutrition, mental health, and general well-being issues to take care of the health of family members. and from the consultant himself.

For the workplace, Diagnostikare works with several national and international companies to integrate its COVID-19 self-assessment tool as a benefit for employees, with an interesting value proposition that includes real-time information for the managers it supports. in decision-making, as well as support and advice from the medical staff during the contingency. An innovative and differentiated offering that combines the power of data with the experience and quality of qualified doctors.

“We have a great multidisciplinary team and our platform and service model have been consolidating as a truly innovative solution in the Mexican market. We are constantly looking for ways to contribute to the sector and participate in differentiating issues, which is why we are part of various organizations related to digital health and work hand in hand with renowned foundations and institutions to contribute to the ecosystem. ”

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