Metis Hackathon calls developers in Colombia together with a Binance Award

Developers in Colombia are invited to take part in a hackathon. From October 2 to November 30, 2021, developers can participate and / or migrate their business models to existing decentralized applications (DApps) on Metis Layer 2 and have the opportunity to earn up to one million dollars in METIS tokens.

Juristech from the Universidad del Rosario and Colombia Fintech, strategic allies, take part in the hackathon call and Binance awards a special prize to Colombian projects.

The aim of this initiative is to develop new decentralized applications on Ethereum or to integrate or migrate existing applications on Metis Layer 2. The hackathon is aimed at developers who have knowledge of creating smart contracts and will take place from October 2nd to November 30th, 2021.

Metis Hackathon calls developers in Colombia together with a Binance Award
Metis Hackathon calls developers in Colombia together with a Binance Award

The evaluation criteria take into account the economic, environmental and social impact of the project, the value proposition and the problem it solves. As is the vision of services and human capital.

“From the union, we see the wide range of initiatives like Metis that are targeting the country in search of Colombian talent, and we institutionally support projects that promote technology as a tool for innovation and digital advancement, and we explore the country’s financial inclusion “Said Erick Rincón Cárdenas, President of Colombia Fintech.

For his part, Juristech from the Universidad del Rosario has developed contract models in Solidity and would like to further deepen this technology to support projects that primarily have a legal benefit.

“We’re starting to sow in Colombia, so we want to attract local talent. Those who take part in our hackathon and offer the best solutions will be supported by the company’s ecosystem development program and have the opportunity to win a share of the $ 1 million prize pool in Metis Tokens. In addition, those projects that participate from Colombia will have access to the competition for the prize that Binance will give to prototypes that contain the P2P payment solutions supported by Binance, ”commented Lya Glaentzlin, representative in Colombia.

With that in mind, Bryan Benson, Director of Operations at Binance Latam said, “Projects like this are added to the efforts we are promoting for knowledge and education for communities and users, with the aim of having new projects that will nurture new generations use the technological resources we have today “

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