MetaMask improves user privacy with the new wallet update

MetaMask, a popular ether (ETH) wallet and browser extension, I just released a new update for the app.

When announcing the news on July 2, MetaMask described that the new update, MetaMask Version 8 offers a number of new functions such as improved data protection control and a new account login system.

MetaMask users can now switch between multiple accounts to protect privacy

MetaMask’s new “Unsurpassed Privacy Control” feature focuses on Protect the user’s private data by connecting the application to a specific website. As such, MetaMask V8 offers users Select one or more accounts for a specific website or Create a new unique account for this website.

MetaMask improves user privacy with the new wallet update
MetaMask improves user privacy with the new wallet update

“You decide what each site has access to” MetaMask said it would put the technology against other purses. The company believes that Most crypto wallets on the market are prone to private data leaks for providing a single account.

MetaMask wrote:

“Most purses today manage a single account or expose the selected user’s primary account to all connected websites, largely exposing the user’s private information.”

The data protection update uses the EIP-2255 authorization system

The new update of the Login will based in the proprietary authorization system from MetaMask, known as EIP 2255. First published in August 2019, With EIP 2255, users can easily revoke and separate accounts when they log in to a website. to manage and approve this account The user remains connected to different websites with different accounts at the same time.

According to the company, the new and improved permits Enable more features like decryption, access to wallet information like tokens or contacts. In addition to laying the foundation stone for the so-called MetaMask snaps. Introduced in October 2019, MetaMask Snaps represents the Metamask plug-in system Allows users to request a variety of powerful wallet APIs in MetaMask.

The LavaMoat security toolkit is finally active

Along with this new login update With its new LavaMoat tool, MetaMask has also introduced some developer encryption functions and increased application security. Published in late 2019, LavaMoat is a new set of tools to protect JavaScript projects from attacks try to steal users’ private keys. According to the company, the first protected process LavaMoat is now active and in production. because MetaMask has already secured its Ropsten test network key with this system.

The new privacy updates apparently in response to an alleged data breach previously experienced by MetaMask. As reported in March 2019, Metamask transferred ETH addresses to all websites visited while users surfed the Internet with default settings.

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