Messi teaches us how to exercise at home with your children in a fun way

These athletes have done their exercise in a fun way and so they shared it with us on their social networks; we also give you a short routine that you can do at home

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Messi teaches us how to exercise at home with your children in a fun way
Messi teaches us how to exercise at home with your children in a fun way

The need for physical activity during confinement due to the Covid-19 coronavirus. It has made many sports and fitness professionals have decided to transmit their knowledge through social networks with the aim of helping anyone to exercise at home.

Thus we see several direct on Instagram or YouTube , personalized tutorials, practical guides to train or videos with complete routines, however, this has also caused people to have the need to exercise several times a day, which can cause anxiety about not Do them, as the psychologist Elena Vázquez tells us, so she asks that these activities have a purpose and be carried out calmly and without pressure.

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Such is the case of some athletes who, due to confinement, their practices were suspended, so they adapted to the situation, but in a very fun way. Here are some examples.

Within this panorama, mainly for the big stars of the European leagues, the space to move is not a problem. Thus, in Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi was seen in a large private gym enjoying a fun activity that included his youngest son, Ciro.

Also the online training of the Tottenham team with its technical director Mourinho in front: The London players give us a glimpse of how they stay in shape by practicing their training via livestream.

Not only footballers, but also tennis player Djokovic and his fun discovery of the Tennis-Frying Pan : The renowned tennis player, takes control in the kitchen and does it in the best way when creating the incredible game of Tennis-Frying Pan.

Antonio Candreva trains from home with the model Allegra Luna : The Italian footballer decides to train together with his partner and had consequences when breaking a lamp in the living room.

Likewise, Stephen Curry's ability to play goal f: The NBA player taught us how he has fun at home and showed his golf skills.

The basic exercises to move your body

  • Every 60 minutes stop what you are doing and do 10-15 squats.
  • Take three 20-minute walks a day indoors. You can take advantage to make calls in that period.
  • After the squats, stand upright with your eyes closed, shoulders open (pull out your chest) and take 10 deep breaths.
  • If you know a personal trainer, ask him to put you on a personalized routine.

Remember, everything with measure, nothing with excess, because it is a good time to get out of the routine and carry out our activities surrounded by our loved ones, and above all, have fun!

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