Mesa denounces a “gigantic fraud” and calls for “permanent mobilization” until the second round in Bolivia

He accuses Morales of giving a “coup d'etat” for concentrating all the powers of the State

The candidate of the opposition platform Comunidad Ciudadana to the presidential elections held last Sunday in Bolivia, Carlos Mesa, has denounced on Wednesday that there is “a gigantic fraud under way” by the Government to guarantee the direct re-election of Evo Morales and has made a call for “permanent mobilization” until the second round is achieved to avoid being consumed.

“It is clear that there is a gigantic fraud under way. It is clear that any result that gives Evo Morales the winner in the first round is the product of a fraud,” said the opposition candidate in a video broadcast on social networks, advancing that in the In the next few hours he will present “the elements” to prove such an affirmation.

Mesa denounces a “gigantic fraud” and calls for “permanent mobilization” until the second round in Bolivia
Mesa denounces a “gigantic fraud” and calls for “permanent mobilization” until the second round in Bolivia

Mesa has accused Morales of stopping the transmission of the official results of the first round, which had a “black hole” of more than 20 hours, to be able to manipulate them and obtain the automatic victory, without the need for a ballot that would put in Danger his fourth mandate if the opposition sectors join forces.

The former president and former vice president has denounced that the suspension of the transmission of the results was not due to “technical problems”, as the electoral authorities have subsequently argued, but a “political decision” allegedly taken under Morales's orders, when verifying that, according to the polls on foot of urn, they only separated them about four percentage points, which would force a second round.

The objective of Morales, he has argued, was “to eliminate the second round”, on the one hand, and “to force the figures to enlarge the results so as to allow him to have a greater parliamentary representation”. “Which, of course, we do not accept,” he said.

In addition, he has rejected the victory proclaimed by Morales, who this Wednesday has declared himself “almost certain” that he will achieve re-election because the votes that have not yet been counted are those of the rural areas, which he considers his.

According to the Mesa version, when the transmission of results was interrupted, 83 percent of the votes had been scrutinized and “a significant part of the rural vote had already arrived.” Of the remaining 17 percent, “there was a 30 percent outstanding urban vote,” he added.

At this point, he wanted to address Bolivian indigenous people, concentrated in rural areas and traditional voters of Morales who, however, would have begun to decline their political support, to deny that the president's “dangerous and liar” statement that the The opposition has a “racist attitude.”

“We do not accept that accusation, which is a terrible way of wanting to divide the country into two halves, one indigenous and the other non-indigenous, generating the potential for confrontation. We are absolutely committed to you … and we ask you not to let manipulate, “he said.


Mesa has also rejected the accusation Morales has made hours before the affirmed that the Bolivian “right” with support from abroad is trying to perpetrate a “coup d'etat”.

“My first answer, clear and categorical, to that incredible accusation is that, if there is someone who has systematically broken and broken the constitutional order in Bolivia, it is called Evo Morales,” he said.

The applicant of the Citizen Community has mentioned in this regard that it is an “illegal” candidate because “he gave the instruction to be enabled with a biased and shameful interpretation” of the Constitution, despite the fact that in the referendum of February 21, 2016 the Bolivians voted against his re-election.

To this is added, Mesa has argued that Morales “controls and orders all the powers of the State: the Executive, who is the only one who can legally control, and the Legislative, Judicial and Electoral.”

“In any interpretation it is understood (…) that whoever takes control of all powers and concentrates them in one is the protagonist of a coup d'etat,” he said. “Consequently, the president is the one who violates the constitutional order,” he said.


Thus, he has urged all Bolivians to take the streets in a “non-violent” way. “I call today all our compatriots who believe in democracy to permanent mobilization in defense of the vote. (…) We are not going to allow a second election to be stolen,” he said.

Mesa has promised that he will be with the protesters “until it is recognized that the second round must take place”, despite the “indirect and direct threats” of Morales and his government minister about his possible detention.

“I take it for granted,” he replied. “They accuse me of inciting violence and that can lead us to a situation of deprivation of my freedom, but I have no qualms about continuing to democratically and peacefully do what I have to do as a candidate who defends the legitimacy of the popular vote” , has said.

He has also called on “all living forces in the country – to political parties, Civic Committees, CONADE and personalities that are relevant – to form a closed nucleus for the defense of democracy” so as not to prevent I reached “a point of want, this time, irreversible” of democracy.

“This is a call to build a unity bloc in defense of democracy, which is the path that History has pointed out to defeat this arbitrary, authoritarian decision, with a dye already dictatorial,” he harangued.

Finally, he has asked the international community “to remain vigilant so that this country does not enter the path of the dictatorship that President Morales wants to take him to.”

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