Mercado Libre announces training program for SMEs in Tabasco, Oaxaca, Jalisco and Edoméx

The program seeks to help entrepreneurs and producers to join e-commerce as an alternative to grow during the contingency.

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Mercado Libre announces its training program for micro, small and medium-sized companies , which seeks to help this important sector for the Mexican economy to see e-commerce as a business alternative, in the context of the coronavirus contingency.

Mercado Libre announces training program for SMEs in Tabasco, Oaxaca, Jalisco and Edoméx
Mercado Libre announces training program for SMEs in Tabasco, Oaxaca, Jalisco and Edoméx

The program has a website that shows step by step and in a simple and didactic way, how these business units can start offering their products online, in addition to complementing with specialized content, reference videos and webinars, for greater use. and understanding.

According to industry analysts and experts, today more than ever, e-commerce is taking a critical role in the global economy. Prior to the pandemic, e-commerce in Mexico registered a sustained annual growth of 35%, compared to a global average of 20.7%. This demonstrates the opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to take advantage of these new marketing channels.

“SMEs are the backbone of the Mexican economy. We know that we are going through complex moments and it is for this reason that this program seeks to provide Mexican micro, small and medium-sized companies with the tools and knowledge necessary to diversify their sales channels and remain active in this time of contingency, “said David Geisen , General Director of Mercado Libre México,

This program is part of the actions that Mercado Libre carries out in support of entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs. In this first stage, the program is planned to be deployed with the support of the State of Mexico, Jalisco, Oaxaca and Tabasco.

Likewise, the Director General of the Oaxacan Institute of ship and Competitiveness, Lic. Rodrigo Arnaud Bello, stated the relevance of the program: “The search for new opportunities and the ability to overcome adversity are characteristics of entrepreneurs, today we face a global phenomenon that will put us to the test and we must rise to overcome it. This Mercado Libre initiative will provide tools for entrepreneurs to adapt to the change that has already begun. ”

Along the same lines, the Secretary of Economic Development of Jalisco, Ernesto Sánchez Proal, stated: “This agreement with the Mercado Libre company is part of our strategy for the Digital Transformation of SMEs, to train and enable our companies to join this marketplace. Our aim is to support them to continue their operations during this health contingency by COVID-19, and at the same time to access new markets, thus supporting them to remain strong in this crisis and to grow in the long term. We thank Mercado Libre for its willingness to support Jalisco companies and the entire productive sector for their strength. ”

The SME sector in Mexico not only represents 99.8% of the country's economic units, but is also in charge of generating 78% of jobs and almost half of the Gross Domestic Product.

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