‘Memo’ Ochoa becomes a shareholder in the Mexican unicorn Kavak

Kavak, the online used car sales company and the first unicorn in Mexican history, announced that the Mexican soccer player Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa joined their ranks as a shareholder.

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The national goalkeeper applied to join Kavak, one of the most valuable companies in Latin America, valued at over $ 4 billion just 4 months after achieving unicorn company status, only in exchange for shares in the company.

“We’re excited to add another winner to the team; The arrival of Memo reaffirms our vision of continuing to lead the industry revolution while placing Mexico in the premier global league of entrepreneurship, ”said Carlos García Ottati, CEO of Kavak, in a statement.

‘Memo’ Ochoa becomes a shareholder in the Mexican unicorn Kavak
‘Memo’ Ochoa becomes a shareholder in the Mexican unicorn Kavak

“Memo” Ochoa is one of the most important figures in Mexican football, as the starting goalkeeper of the national team in the most important tournaments in the world.

“I have closely followed the development of Kavak and its importance to the growth of the national economy, as well as the possibility of it providing Mexican families with a risk-free and for all available funding option. For me it was important to be a part of Kavak and I am proud to improve the lives of many people with this club, with whom I join this championship team today, ”said Guillermo Ochoa, goalkeeper of the Mexican football team.

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This club joins the most recent agreements Kavak has made with institutions and national sports figures, such as: Red Devils of Mexico, and with the Formula 1 driver “Checo” Pérez, who also joined the company as a shareholder in February 2021.

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