Meloni wants to govern for ‘all’ citizens so that ‘they can be proud to be Italian again’

The leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni, winner of Sunday’s general election, has stated that when tasked with forming a government, she will work for “all” Italians, with the aim of uniting citizens and “Italians”. . are proud to be Italian again”.

“Italy chose us and we won’t say it,” Meloni wrote on Facebook, along with a picture of him posing with the national flag. The far-right leader has reiterated that the Brothers of Italy have a “great responsibility” and that they will work to restore “dignity and pride” in the country.

Meloni’s party won 26 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election and, at the head of a right-wing coalition, is also aiming to lead Italy’s next government, which has yet to see a round of contacts between the president and the various parliamentary groups.

Giorgia Meloni, from political neo-fascism to take the reins of Italy

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