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Meghan Markle’s Mother Gets Formal Role in Royal Wedding

May 3, 2018

This time will mark a (modest) departure from convention: Ms. Ragland will ride with her daughter to St. George’s Chapel, and then her father, Thomas Markle, will walk her down the aisle.

“It’s always been the father,” said Dickie Arbiter, a former spokesman for Queen Elizabeth II. “In a wedding, the mother doesn’t have a role. Meghan is making sure her mother does.”

Ms. Markle may still want to keep some ibuprofen on hand. On Wednesday, In Touch magazine published a handwritten letter to Prince Harry from her estranged half brother, Thomas Markle Jr., who is not on the guest list, urging him to call off the wedding.

Meghan Markle’s Mother Gets Formal Role in Royal WeddingMeghan Markle’s Mother Gets Formal Role in Royal Wedding

“It’s very apparent that her tiny bit of Hollywood fame has gone to her head,” Mr. Markle wrote. “To top it all off, she doesn’t invite her own family and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding, ‘who does that.’ ”

Kensington Palace offered new details on Friday about the wedding, though they were not necessarily the details the journalists present were hoping for. (Examples of questions left unanswered: “Will Meghan Markle’s family be given a coat of arms?” “Will we get a kiss?” “Is it in your power to alter the Heathrow flight path?” “Can you provide any information about whether the princes will do an ‘impromptu’ walkabout the day before?” “When are we going to get that snog?”)

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