Meet the Mexican who worked on X Men and designed the suits for SpaceX astronauts today

José Fernández was responsible for the development of the Crew Dragon suits during the historic launch together with NASA.

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Meet the Mexican who worked on X Men and designed the suits for SpaceX astronauts today
Meet the Mexican who worked on X Men and designed the suits for SpaceX astronauts today

This story originally appeared on Mexico Unknown

By Rodrigo Osegueda

Mexican pride! With the launch of the NASA spacecraft Crew Dragon by Elon Musk SpaceXMexico also reaches space. Thanks to José Fernández, who was commissioned by the founder of Tesla to design the suits that astronauts will wear in space.

Elon Musk, who wanted to make film-worthy costumes, turned to Jose Martinez because he had already made costumes for large-screen superheroes. This opens the era of space fashion and what’s even better, from the hand of a Mexican.

Image: Via México Unknown

José Fernández began his career in 1989 as a model maker for the film’s monsters Gremlins. In the 1990s, he continued to participate as a designer in films such as Godzila, Men in black and Alien III.

However, Batman It was the franchise where he excelled most and through which he is identified. He participated in the design of the suit for three film versions of the bat manas well as in the design of the suits X men and the Fantastic Four.

He also worked on film helmets. Black Panther, Captain America and Ironman 2 In 2014, he created the legendary pair of helmets that Daft Punk wore at the Grammy Awards.

José Fernández ‘participation in costume design

Fernandez’s involvement in making the suits astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken wear today began three years ago. Space X contacted the designer, who initially thought it was a film production.

Since then, José Fernández has agreed to design the helmet They only had two weeks to do it. However, Elon Musk was not satisfied with any other designer and decided to wait six months before Fernández’s work came about.

Image: Via México Unknown

José Fernández worked in a functional suit, but with style. The idea is that everyone who wears it sees well, similar to a tuxedo. For this reason, the suit has lines that correspond to those of the human body. However, The suit also works as hardware that connects to the spaceship, Fusion of technology and design.

The design with an obvious minimalist touch makes astronauts look elegant and heroic, as if they had emerged from a futuristic film. Likewise They look light in contrast to the alien or armaggedon suits.

Image: Via México Unknown

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