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Max Keizer sees the price of Bitcoin at $ 28,000, the future of money, and more

July 31, 2020

Glory, glory, hallelujah! Long live Bitcoin! It’s tasty to see the price go up like foam after a long and tiring side phase. I always speak of emotional control. And as a Bitcoin buyer, I prefer Bitcoin to fail. But I am also a human being and have my little heart.

There is no denying that long hikes are pure adrenaline. And that it makes my soul happy when I see this balance go up to the moon with a rocket. Of course, he smiled more than usual on good days. You don’t have to go crazy. And you have to take it easy. But we can have a whiskey to celebrate this occasion. Why not?

Now let’s talk about the week’s most read crypto messages.

Max Keizer sees the price of Bitcoin at $ 28,000, the future of money, and moreMax Keizer sees the price of Bitcoin at $ 28,000, the future of money, and more

This literary jewel not only reveals the genius of its attractive author (me), but also tells us a great truth. He The world has changed a lot and the discourse that Cypherpunks cultivated in the 80s is no longer sufficient today. We have to upgrade. Some Bitcoiners’ vision that a ring will rule everything is a vulgar utopia. Society is different and no longer tolerates totalitarian solutions. Whether we like it or not, postmodern society chooses mixed and diverse solutions. The fragmentation is too big for the same shoe size for everyone.

The hegemony of the dollar is highly unlikely to be replaced by the hegemony of Bitcoin. Idea that seems creepy to me. I like pizza. However, things have to be taken lightly. If someone tells me that pizza solves all my nutritional needs and that one day we won’t eat pizza until tomorrow, afternoon, and evening, I will lose my taste for pizza at that moment. For me, the bitcoin update that scares me. Bitcoinnazis are a pain in the butt for me.

Now let’s analyze the effects of the internet on the world. The world after the fall of the Berlin Wall is the personalized world. It is not a total world, but a fragmented and specialized one. It is the television channel of the past open signal against today’s Facebook. Facebook, which uses an algorithm to create a unique and personalized experience. There is no content provider. There are millions at the same time. Everything is about interest groups, certain niches and their individual taste.

There are no longer any unique ideas or stories or values ​​or a single organization. The world is becoming more subjective, postmodern. The world is atomizing.

Paleolithic money: seeds, stones, dry leaves, metals, minerals, handicrafts, skins, fibers, teeth, tools, feathers, animals and thousands of other things. The future of money can be diverse and not totalitarian. Nothing to do with monopolistic solutions. A humanity. But everything locally and personally. Maybe the future looks more like the Paleolithic.

Brother, stop suffering (* Brazilian accent). Like Peter in the story of Peter and the Wolf, Many people in this room scream “inflation” with all their hearts. And the impulses are criticized even more, but if we go to the inflation rate, we will see that what we really have is a terrible deflationary picture. This crisis is deflationary. ¿Why do so many Bitcoiners confuse the problem with inflation? Why the delirium of seeing something that doesn’t exist? I assume that it is a political problem. That is, it is the libertarian vein that has existed with the same scratched disc for more than 100 years.

We could have inflation in the future However, it is likely that this does not come from currency issues, but from setbacks in technology and globalization.

What are the charms doing now? Prices are rising on the financial markets. Bitcoin benefits greatly from this. So, Why cry so much? Well, the politics of the libertarians. Your dogmas. Pure politics. But for the rest of us. Encouragement is a blessing from an investor’s perspective. Brother, stop suffering.

The Max Index is an indicator of my authorship that never fails. It’s incredible, but it’s the only indicator that I know has never sent the wrong signals. Every time Max Keizer makes a prediction, the price of Bitcoin drops. It’s like magic. Max Keizer is an indicator of the feeling of walking. Max is one of his sick subjects at Bitcoin. He’s half crazy, but he’s our crazy. He is part of the family and you have to love him as he is. But his optimism blinds him. Apparently he is carried away by feelings. It is particularly sensitive to greed.

If there is a lot of greed in the environment, all available buyers have already taken a position. Which really means they’re sold out. Anyone who wanted to buy already did so. So the price goes down. Bitcoin has been on the rise a lot this week, but this statement from Max Keizer triggered the rocket. And it’s always like that. You can google “Max Keizer” and review all of your predictions for the past two years. Write down the dates and check the price development. Amazing. The man speaks and the next day Bitcoin falls. This is the Max Index for you, gentlemen and ladies.

Yes, Bitcoin had over $ 10,000 in just a few days. The barrier has been crossed before, but has proven to be a very weak prop. However, time flies. Bitcoin’s average is approaching $ 10,000. It is already clear that this barrier will no longer be a big deal over time. Of course, it is still too early to win. But $ 10,000 is no longer what it used to be.

Despite the increase, there is no reason to sell. We are no longer in 2017. The truth is that Bitcoin is currently undervalued for a long time. This story is not over yet and we cannot forget that we are in the middle of a crisis. Sooner or later, however, the price will reflect the fundamentals.

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