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Mastercard and Microsoft work together to promote e-commerce and startups

July 30, 2020

This alliance is designed to shape the future of e-commerce and promote the innovation of startups in order to enable financial inclusion.

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Mastercard and Microsoft work together to promote e-commerce and startupsMastercard and Microsoft work together to promote e-commerce and startups

MasterCard and Microsoft They announced an alliance to promote e-commerce, drive innovation for startups, and enable financial inclusion.

Both technology companies mention that this alliance will accelerate the development and research activities that are created in the MasterCard Labs cloud and also made possible by the development of Microsoft Azure.

According to the website MicrosoftMasterCard partners can create and extend new secure solutions by accessing new technologies and technical know-how. This collaboration will be a breakthrough in improving people’s lives by building financial security paths and access to basic services.

The startup ecosystem can generate new customer experiences to improve the way in which users, companies and governments exchange values ​​and find out about the use of new creations and new trading functions. For example, devices that can provide augmented reality to the digital payment method to generate other types of experiences for consumers.

It should be remembered that both MasterCard and Visa track their payment strategies directly from other devices such as cell phones or watches, rather than using the card and removing it from their wallet. This could be noticed at the end of the pandemic.

The technology used for these new methods is tokenization, a tool that generates security in the process and in operation and enables the user to transfer the generated code on his card in one device. Payment is easy. All you have to do is bring the device to the terminal with the token card as it uses near field communication technology.

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