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Massive blackout in various areas of Libya, including Tripoli

July 25, 2020

Large parts of Libya were hit by a massive power outage this Saturday, including the state capital, Tripoli, at a time when the North African country is suffering from a severe electricity shortage.

The blackouts in western and southern Libya are the result of citizens’ refusal to adhere to the common supply system used by the Libyan General Electricity Company (GECOL) to remedy the deficiency, a responsible person said. the company.

“Some people have forcibly restored electricity in their areas, a problem that increases the supply,” said the manager who asked to keep his identity anonymous. Libya suffered frequent blackouts, leading to an uprising in 2011 that ended Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime and led to a period of chaos and conflict between the militias.

Massive blackout in various areas of Libya, including TripoliMassive blackout in various areas of Libya, including Tripoli

Since then, the country’s infrastructure has suffered from a lack of maintenance due to the uncertainty situation. Power outages are worse in summer when heat demand increases.

Libya is currently in conflict with the United Nations government, supported by the United Nations and based in Tripoli, and the armed forces under the command of General Jalifa Haftar, who are in charge of administration in the city of Tobruk Loyal to the east of the country.

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