Martínez and Lacalle Pou begin the maneuvers to win supporters for the second round

Luis Lacalle Pou, candidato opositor a las elecciones presidenciales de Uruguay

Luis Lacalle Pou, opposition candidate for the presidential elections of Uruguay – REUTERS / STRINGER.

The main candidates discarded in the first round proclaim their support for Lacalle Pou


The official candidate Daniel Martínez and the opponent Luis Lacalle Pou have started this Monday the maneuvers to add support from the discarded candidates in the first round of the presidential elections that were held on Sunday in Uruguay with a view to the second round, in which both will face next November 24.

Martínez and Lacalle Pou begin the maneuvers to win supporters for the second round
Martínez and Lacalle Pou begin the maneuvers to win supporters for the second round

Martínez, of the ruling Frente Amplio, has obtained 40.4 percent of the votes, far from the 50 percent he needed to claim victory in the first round, while Lacalle Pou, of the conservative National Party, has scored 29.8 percent. hundred.

The polls on intention to vote had predicted this result but, according to the Uruguayan press, in the final stretch of the campaign the Frente Amplio handled more optimistic polls that made him think of a larger margin.

“The most important force in the country is called Frente Amplio,” Martínez said in a quick and brief speech delivered from the Crystal Tower hotel in Montevideo, where he spent the election night. At the same time, he assumed the “challenge” of the second round trusting that “the people are intelligent” and “will not vote a blank check.”

Martinez will meet this Monday with his campaign team to decide the strategy for November 24. According to 'The Observer', he will try to raise the competition in personal terms, leaving aside the parties to highlight what he considers his strengths against the supposed weaknesses of Lacalle Pou.

In this way, the leftist coalition, which aspires to add another five years of government with Martínez, after Tabaré Vázquez's ten years and José Mujica's five, believes that he will be able to attract Colorado Party voters, in a more focused position, and even of Cabildo Open, ultra-rightist formation.

The Broad Front, it seems, is clinging to a measurement of Teams that in the second round gave a technical tie between Martinez and Lacalle Pou, although the other surveys pointed to the opposition leader as the winner of this face to face. “Of course we can!”, The former mayor of Montevideo hailed on election night.

Meanwhile, Lacalle Pou began managing the second round already before the October 27 vote. Thus, he delivered to other opposition parties a written document with several points to explore the possibilities of a coalition government.

On Sunday this expectation took shape. “The next government is not from the National Party, it is a multicolored government,” he said after confirming there would be ballotage. “I want to move forward agreements with Ernesto Talvi, of the Colorado Party; Guido Manini, of the Open Council; Pablo Mieres, of the Independent Party; and Edgardo Novick, of the People's Party,” he said.

Lacalle Pou predicted “very intense days” in which we will have to “understand a lot” to achieve “alternation”. “Uruguay gave us a clear signal that must be interpreted quickly. Today's message is that of a plural alternation … with responsibilities of many to take charge,” he said.

Talvi, who has won 12.9 percent of the vote, announced the same Sunday that he will bet on Lacalle Pou on November 24. “Uruguay needs a change and, for that to happen, we call on our voters to support Dr. Lacalle Pou,” he said.

However, he reiterated the idea crushed during the election campaign that he will not give a “blank check” to the National Party. The 'colorados', he said, will have “a very significant voice” in an eventual coalition government. “We have much to contribute,” he emphasized.

General Manini Ríos, with 11 percent of the vote, has also opted quickly. “Cabildo Open is for change and, therefore, we announce now that we are going to support Lacalle Pou for the second round of elections,” he proclaimed. “Cabildo Open will support with its bench all projects that provide solutions to people,” he added.

A hypothetical victory of the opposition block that tries to conform Lacalle Pou would suppose a radical change in Uruguay, after fifteen years of governments of the Broad Front. The South American nation would enter the path already explored by several countries in the region that have become political signs breaking with a long legacy.

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