Mars will have its own currency and not follow the laws of the land, says Elon Musk

While many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users, most of them libertarians, anarcho-capitalists and neoliberals, are calling for the “end of the state”, Tesla owner and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has stated that this “dream” will be possible, but not on our planet.

According to Musk, who wants to start a colonization on Mars with his company SpaceX, the inhabitants of the earth who live on the red planet do not have to follow the laws of the earth in this case.

Musk has already “recruited” people interested in potentially living on Mars, and even those interested are required to sign a document that contains a clause called “Free Mars”.

Mars will have its own currency and not follow the laws of the land, says Elon Musk
Mars will have its own currency and not follow the laws of the land, says Elon Musk

In this, users agree that “no earthbound government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities”.

“For services provided on Mars or en route to Mars via a spaceship or other colonization ship, the parties acknowledge that Mars is a free planet and that no earth-based government has any authority or sovereignty over activities, accordingly will themselves Solve disputes on your own – guiding principles established in good faith at the time of Mars colonization, “says Musk’s document.

Money for mars

And Musk is not playing at all with his plan to conquer Mars, which according to the businessman It will receive its first inhabitants in 2030 and the first full city in 2050.

To achieve this goal, the company is developing the spaceship, a fully reusable rocket that, when combined with the propeller, has a height of around 120 meters. SpaceX wants to send the first cargo ships to the red planet in the next few years.

Since Mars will not follow Earth’s standards, it will not have Earth’s money, so no dollar or any other national currency will be the money that circulates in the city of Mars presented by Musk.

After his few statements on this subject, The red planet might have its own digital currency or a fully digital payment system without the need for physical circulation.

What can now be bought on Mars remains a mystery.

Even NASA, which has a long history of overseeing what is “off earth”, has chosen Nokia to implement the first 4G Internet network on the moon.

Consensus democracy

For Musk, he believes that the new planet that humans will live on needs to build a consensus democracy, as there is no “extension” of Earth government on Mars.

“Everyone votes on everything and that’s how it works,” said Musk. “There are a couple of things I recommend. Keep the laws short. […] When there are long laws, something suspicious happens, “he said.

Although this may all sound like science fiction or the dreams of an eccentric millionaire, Musk stated on November 15 this year that the first flight to Mars will be launched later this year after a successful test.

“We are ready for the first 15 km flight next week,” wrote Elon Musk on Twitter.

The businessman did not provide any details about the flight, regardless of whether it will be occupied or not. However, he emphasized that the launch will be broadcast live.

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