Mark Cuban calls token ratings “inflated” shortly after launching an NFT

Shortly after the a non-fungible token (NFT) in limited edition, the employer and owner of the Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks, has questioned valuations in the NFT space as well as those of half a dozen other asset classes.

Name “The RollUp 2021 “, Cubans posted the NFTs on Wednesday in Rare, Announcement of the launch in a tweet:

Describe the NFTs. with an animation of half a dozen frames of the Cuban awkwardly twisting his hips and shoulders while holding a yoga mat and laptop in a Dallas Mavericks photography studio. being “half-hearted” would be charitable, but they were sold out. It didn’t take long, however, including two that went into the whale’s wallet and Twitter personality. 0x_b1, Who has been interested in NFTs lately.

Mark Cuban calls token ratings “inflated” shortly after launching an NFT
Mark Cuban calls token ratings “inflated” shortly after launching an NFT

When listing the NFTs, Cubans who are famous for His public statements on cryptocurrencies also indicated that he had some significant stakes in decentralized finance and Ethereum. On-chain detectives quickly examined the list and found it two closely related purses with over 1,000 ETH, Aave and SUSHI, plus smaller amounts from dozens of other projects. The Cuban seems to acknowledge that the wallets were his in another tweet:

When the CryptoTwitter community drove a winning lap over the prospect of an influential billionaire holding up some of his bags, the Cuban poured some cold water on the mania. Just a day after selling his own NFTs, the Cuban seemed to be wondering if the high prices that NFTs have attracted are sustainable.

When asked this morning on CNBC Whenever he was worried about the current hustle and bustle about short stock runs, he said: “I’ve covered my entire portfolio, it worries me.”

“We are seeing speculation everywhere because since assets have been inflated they have been seen in a variety of assets, be it cryptocurrencies, trading cards, non-fungible tokens, you know, your home, if you have types of interest rates low you are going to inflate significant assets “, said.

The statement seems to imply that Your immersion in DeFi and NFT is more of an experiment. based on a previous tweet in the He said he likes to “try all of these things”.

Actually, Your long-term view of the markets, if interest rates rise over the next decade, is an downright bleak outlook. as he told CNBC:

“So people are going to have different choices and that is sure to be blown away. I don’t want to call it a bubble because it’s the reality given interest rates, but there will be some kind of deflation in these significant assets and there will be also be.” scary when that happens. “

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