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María Murano, head of Blockchain Argentina, says the technology will stay here

June 15, 2020

Maria Murano, head of blockchain in Argentina, said in a short interview with Crypto247 that this blockchain technology will revolutionize the healthcare, education, music and foreign trade industries, among others.

Murano, He commented that this is a technology that will stay here and that will add numerous benefits to different industries in the world. He also expressed that it is a technology that will change constantly.

Likewise stressed that the various industries that use it must be aware that they need to make changes in their structures to face the challenges and benefit from the results of this technological revolution like blockchain technology.

María Murano, head of Blockchain Argentina, says the technology will stay hereMaría Murano, head of Blockchain Argentina, says the technology will stay here

The blockchain representative in Argentina believes that this technology will continue to develop. In this sense, the industry has to accept that it will be modified and that it will be a technology that will mature over time.

Like any disruption, blockchain encounters some obstacles on its way. An effective implementation requires the identification and planning of the use case that accompanies the company in every area.

However, think about this technology Blockchain enables the creation of inviolable digital records for transactions involving multiple parties. The goal: to achieve maximum transparency in electronic operation, since it is guaranteed that the participants have the latest information in real time and that they cannot be changed or deleted.

Challenges and benefits a company has for using this technology

Now María Murano spoke about the most important challenges and advantages that a company can have for using this technology. He stated that the greatest challenge was to understand that the information is not his, but that it belongs to everyone. In his opinion, they are maturity challenges because it has to be recognized that by sharing information, you can earn more than doing the opposite.

Likewise He gave some examples of industries where blockchain technology can be beneficial. In this context, the health sector stood out. In particular, technology can be beneficial for the specific case of medical records, not for storing information, but for the permissions of those who can access it.

He added that another sector that could also benefit is the digital music industry. Regarding education, he stated that there is the power to share what everyone knows. Foreign trade is a technological way to solve today’s problems.

Finally, two other areas were defined: the banking sector in general and food manufacturers. The latter indicated that they can be distinguished by a platform that offers certification of food traceability.

Blockchain and its use beyond cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is known to have been born as an accounting protocol for Bitcoin, but today its use far exceeds cryptocurrencies. It plays a revolutionary role and offers standardization, a platform and a common language for different participants in an ecosystem. It is more efficient because it creates less friction and costs and gives the register this immutability component, making it perfectly traceable from the source. You need to understand the use cases and develop human resources.

At a Think Argentina meeting last year, Roberto Alexander, President and General Manager of IBM Argentina, said: “Technology is no longer just the solution, but the platform for innovation that continues to be the engine for creativity and talent.”

And the cloud is one of the reasons for this explosion of solutions that use different technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain and accelerate the arrival of cognitive companies in different industries and sectors.

Recently, Ana Paula Assis, General Manager of IBM for Latin America, believed that blockchain technology was configured as a core technology in the current scenario that the world is experiencing after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his perspective, we are experiencing a turning point with important changes for society, the way we do business and how we interact.