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Manage to outperform and close more deals

July 7, 2020

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Manage to outperform and close more deals
Manage to outperform and close more deals

What is the headache of most Seller? Unwanted telephone advertising! Many sellers find it very difficult to make a call and introduce themselves and their company to a prospect for the first time. This practice is becoming increasingly difficult as many people feel that dialing over the phone is invasive. How could a seller face this harsh reality? Generate personal brand value!

Building a personal brand is defined as the power an individual must have to stand out or be noticed in a sea of ​​possibilities. I say it in all of his texts: generating personal brand value is the most profitable business today. Some of its advantages may be that you can stand out from your competitors, charge more expensive fees (just to do business with you, become an authority in your industry, and have potential customers who you and your potential customers are already buying) can meet when you first choose them. Cold calling is no longer a nightmare!

Let’s face reality, we will be in 2020 Google and Facebook They say we are. Many marketers and speakers on the subject suggest that “you Google is”(Convince yourself on this platform) and watch the results. Surely you have done this exercise before, and if not, I invite you to do it.

Let’s analyze the exercise. Let’s say someone is looking for you by name. What will you find I think there are three possible scenarios.

NOTHING: And unfortunately that says a lot about what you are doing or rather not.

B. Your social networks: The fact that they are public or private already speaks of you. But let’s go ahead and review the content you publish and share. What are you? Ask yourself: “What do I communicate about myself by sharing this content?” Maybe sharing this meme that you found funny didn’t add to your good image!

C. Your business, you fan page, Your blog, your podcast, etc. That is a must! Planning a good digital strategy to promote your personal branding is key for your potential customers to find you and know that you can help them with their problem.

A good digital strategy to promote your personal branding is key / Image:

How can you generate personal branding for sellers?

I have prepared a number of steps for you to help you:

1. Identify your ideal customer. Also known as Avatar or Buyer personalityWe speak of an almost police profile of your ideal customer. Compile a file and write down a semi-fictional account of the best customer you can imagine. Consider demographic, behavioral, motivational, personal goals, and current challenges that may get in your way. Finally, give this person a name because we will work directly “with them”. Doing this job is worth its weight in gold!

2. Discover the problems of your ideal customer. After completing the previous point, read all of your work again and ask yourself: “How can I help this person?”, “How can I add value to your current situation?”, “What can I tell you?” Help you with your challenges? “

Consider all of this again. It is easy to get excited about this exercise and find a thousand ideas. However, the famous sentence “What is written is what is done” applies here.

3. Which social network does your ideal customer use the most? A relatively easy question to answer. Take on the task of examining the people who meet your profile on their social networks, taking into account which pages they follow, what content they share and how they behave on this platform.

4. Select platform. The most obvious thing is to plan content taking into account the social network that your ideal customer uses most often. However, do not subscribe to the idea of ​​”betting” on trends. In my case, for example, I bet on the podcast channel and it brought me tremendous results (this last platform is still in its infancy in Latin America).

5. Plan certain content. We have already moved from the investigation phase to planning, and now it is time to go ahead with the execution. Based on all the information gathered, start planning and designing VALOR content.

Under all circumstances, avoid making your content sound like a sale. Think of the goal: position yourself as an authority in your industry on the ground. This is not achieved if you sound like a used car dealer in every post you share. Simply concentrate on distributing useful information to your ideal customer and interacting directly with them. You will see that in a short time there will be people who ask you: “Where have I seen you before?”, “You are the one in the videos, right?”

6. Document your everyday life. I learned this technique from Gary Vaynerchuk. It goes without saying that the seller doesn’t have a recording device, cameraman or people who design content, and that’s fine. The approach proposed in this case is not to wait until we have to do everything. Think about the Big Brother effect and give your network community an insight into your everyday life. Talk about your excitement about closing a great deal, take your selfie with your coffee before attending this important meeting, comment on the common mistakes people make when buying your product or service, etc. The key factor there is no waiting at this point. Share value!

7. Connect with people. Identify other communities that share yours Buyer personality and participate in them. Examples of this can be Facebook groups. For example, if you are dedicated to selling pet clothing in Monterrey, look for groups with the words “Animal Lovers Monterrey” and be sure to become a constant commentator on these communities. I assure you that the vast majority of the participants on this page meet the profile of your ideal customer.

Identify and participate in other communities that share your buyer personality / Image:

8. Make land. This strategy is not taught in books or digital marketing courses. Face-to-face continues to be the strongest interaction out there. Just like when you get to know someone, offer them your business card, invite your new contact to subscribe to your YouTube channel like your Facebook page, subscribe to your podcast or the channel you have selected. A very useful trick when talking about follow-up action is to send your content directly to the potential customer who has the time without responding to you by personalizing the message. Example: “Hello, customer, I just finished recording this video on the three points to consider before buying a house, and I remembered you very much because I remember that you made the decision between buying or rent. I am sure that this video will be very useful for you. “. I promise you this trick works like magic.

A fundamental aspect of personal branding is consistency. Anyone could generate personal brand value, but not everyone has the evidence to really get it.