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Malaysian police arrested four cryptocurrency miners for electricity theft

August 13, 2020

The Malaysian police arrested four cryptocurrency miners after discovering the same thing They stole electricity from the state-owned energy company Sarawak Energy Berhad or SEB.

According to Malay Mail authorities They spent two days going about four business premises that they believed to be housed secret cryptocurrency mining centers. The premises were located in the cities of Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Jalan Pahlawan and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

According to the research, lThieves stole more than $ 59,000 a month from the utility company.

Malaysian police arrested four cryptocurrency miners for electricity theftMalaysian police arrested four cryptocurrency miners for electricity theft

The electrical inspection unit (EIU) of the Ministry of Public Services of Sarawak also participated in this operation. Provides additional details about the miners’ system, including:

“In all installations, it was found that the unsafe direct branch cables from the main supply were hidden in the plastered ceiling and connected directly to the electrical appliances, bypassing the meter and thus avoiding actual measurements of electricity consumption.” .

The locals generated $ 191 monthly utility bills, which seems to imply that the miners made the local energy meters look like a legitimate business too.

The EIU figures show this since 2018 investigated 50 cases related to the theft of electricity for cryptocurrency mining.

The authorities of Kyrgyzstan recently discovered a Illegal cryptocurrency mining farm in the area of ​​a local free zone or EPZ.

In the Republic of Abkhazia, mining activities for cryptocurrencies are also increasing although they have been illegal since 2018. Customs have reported that mining equipment valued at more than USD 589,000 has crossed the line in the past six months.

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