Make 2021 your best year

Sociologists say the next decade will be dominated by women and reinventing our adult lives. Why not start right away?

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Make 2021 your best year
Make 2021 your best year

Stop and think: what do you want to keep from 2020? Without a doubt, it was a difficult year for everyone, a cycle of change and yes, many losses. For most of us, a year of trembling, learning, or transformation.

During these more than nine months in detention, we had to adjust to changes and adapt in all aspects. Our way of life, our business, and even our fun have changed. How many virtual meetings did we not hold? Certainly not all were for work. Perhaps it was the first time you dared to order the supermarket online.

In the face of this pandemic that seems to have no end, we can neither doubt ourselves nor wait for a better moment. We have to start doing what we have planned for so long and if you don’t have a plan, it is time to do it.

In the midst of this chaos, I think we are the perfect time to look for a new path, find new opportunities and see how we can get better as a person, as a boss, as a manager, with your team and with your customers.

Sociologists say the next decade will be dominated by women and reinventing our adult lives. Why not start right away? The needs are there and we can find a way to meet them differently, better, faster, and with a greater positive impact on our community.

And you don’t have to invent the wheel, you can team up with proven business models. There are franchises for low budgets and also investment opportunities through crowdfunding.

Where do you want to be next December? I invite you to work out your plan and take action once and for all. Sure, the path won’t be straight and you will have to iterate through several iterations, but it is the only way to get there. There are times when starting is the most difficult, but once you’ve taken the first step, you have no choice but to move the other foot.

On behalf of the entire team by Vanessa Patiño who designs ours mag21 digital magazineand we thank you personally for joining us in 2020. In 2021 we will try to bring you the best stories and strategies to help you in your business.

As the great Chris Gardner says, CEO of Happiness, known for the film that is inspired by his life In search of happiness: “Small steps count as long as you move forward. You add them all up and one day you look back and you will be amazed. ”

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