MADworld partners with Xtreme Pong, CryptoDragons NFTs sell out in 10 seconds, and Beeple Collector buys rare Pepes NFT memes for $ 500,000

NFTs know ping pong

Animoca Brands-backed NFT developers MADworld have teamed up with popular content creator Airrack to bring dedicated NFTs to market for their upcoming Xtreme Pong tournament.

Airrack has approximately 2.58 million YouTube subscribers and will host a live streaming ping pong tournament on Saturday, November 13th at 1 p.m. PST that will bring together other content creators like Zach King, Brent Rivera, ZHC and Bryce Hall will be attending.

The tournament will be featured on Airrack’s YouTube channel. and you will see a total of 12 very wealthy creators compete for a bet from the $ 120,000 prize pool.

MADworld partners with Xtreme Pong, CryptoDragons NFTs sell out in 10 seconds, and Beeple Collector buys rare Pepes NFT memes for $ 500,000
MADworld partners with Xtreme Pong, CryptoDragons NFTs sell out in 10 seconds, and Beeple Collector buys rare Pepes NFT memes for $ 500,000

As part of the event, MADworld will act as NFT’s official development partner, creating NFTs that will give Hodlers the right to vote at future Xtreme events. In an announcement shared with Cointelegraph, Eric Decker (Airrack) emphasized the following:

“For me, it’s important to get my subscribers involved and give them real control over the channel’s output and targeting.”

MADworld will provide three levels of souvenir NFTs for the event, with the most common NFTs being the event equipment used by competitors. Competing artists will create unique digital art NFTs during the “Live Art Battles” held during the Xtreme Pong event.

The company will also work with each creator to auction a rare “Apex” NFT associated with their physical pallet used during the event.

“The Xtreme Pong format is an example of how the right utility can drive demand for any NFT. It will be one of the most innovative live streaming events of 2021 and set new industry standards.said Jordan Heathfield, MADworld’s chief marketing officer, during the announcement.

Rare Pepe sells for $ 500,000 at auction

MetaKovan, the NFT collector who bought Beeples NFT “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $ 69 million earlier this year, bought a Rare Pepe NFT for $ 500,000 through auction last week.

On the third day of the NFT.NYC event on Friday, MetaKovan bought the Series 1 token “RAREPEPE, RAREPEPE NAKAMOTO Card 1”, which is a mixture of the popular Pepe the Frog meme and a photo of Satoshi Nakamoto, a confused Japanese with the eponymous creator of Bitcoin.

The auction was hosted by Mint Gold, which celebrated the launch of its 24/7 artist marketplace and creative studio for NFT creators on the same day.

Mint Gold said the NFT was valued at $ 25,000 earlier this year but has grown in popularity amid the boom in the NFT sector.

“During the last NFT.NYC in early 2020, 99% of the people I mentioned RAREPEPE or other old NFTs to didn’t know what they were.”said Theo Goodman, an auctioneer at the event.

“This year everyone I asked knew what it was about. The striking visual contrast between these ancient works of art and modern, mass-produced NFTs is something most people see right away, and this auction was proof of that.added.

The makers of Final Fantasy are stepping up their foray into the NFT space

Square enix, the Japanese company behind the popular video game series Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, it has indicated that it will soon move into a “full commercialization phase” towards NFTs.

In March, as part of a partnership with blockchain firm Double, the company tried non-fungible tokens to launch a range of trading cards representing content from the anime and games franchise Million Arthur.

The NFT collection started on October 14th and sold out quickly.

During a recent six-month financial results presentation, Square Enix said its first NFT launch was as “a proof of concept to determine what synergies” can result from combining NFT with its “business goods”.

Square Enix added that it now intends to go through a “full commercialization phase” in order to tokenize its licensed content. which also includes a “solid entry” into blockchain-based gaming.

“Games continue to expand from central to decentralized formats”the report says. “In addition to the type of content creation we’ve traditionally done, we’ll be focusing on blockchain games based on token economies as a form of decentralized content.”.

CryptoDragons are depleted in 10 seconds

The latest NFT version of the NFT collectors and games project called “CryptoDragons” sold out within 10 seconds.

The release consisted of a Legendary Egg NFT, an Epic Egg NFT and 498 randomly distributed Egg NFTs priced at 35 Ether (ETH), 7 ETH and 0.2 ETH, respectively.

Owners of the various Egg NFTs can hatch or unlock a new Dragon NFT that can be used in the project metaverse and in the “Battle on Blockchain” game mode., which gives players the chance to win new NFT or ETH.

There are a total of 10,000 NFT eggs, and the eggs will be ready to hatch for use on the platform from December 25th.

Other nice news

On Monday, Civic Technologies, an identity verification technology company, has released a free tool to combat bot activity during Solana-based NFT launches called Ignite Pass.. The tool filters out bots by asking buyers to do a life check before they are approved for NFT purchases.

Cointelegraph reported today that Zynga, the developers of the popular FarmVille game, They named marketing veteran Matt Wolf as their vice president to oversee the company’s blockchain gaming efforts.

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