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Maduro warns that “his pulse will not tremble” to stop Guaidó

August 24, 2020

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has warned that “his pulse will not tremble” to stop the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, by order of the judicial authorities, and has assured that the country’s “institutionality” will continue beyond the stupid Stupidity “.

Maduro has assured that Guaidó, who was appointed President of Venezuela in January 2019, will do “a Bufo theater”. Despite the fact that fifty countries, including Spain, recognize Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, Maduro has assured state television that “the world no longer respects him”.

He has assured that there are surveys in which the opposition leader’s degree of disapproval is 84 percent. These dates would make him “the most despicable political figure in Venezuelan politics in the last 100 years”. “You can believe yourself as president for 10,000 days if you want. The important thing is that Venezuela has an institutional framework that goes beyond the stupid things of a stupid man,” he added.

Maduro warns that “his pulse will not tremble” to stop GuaidóMaduro warns that “his pulse will not tremble” to stop Guaidó

When asked why Guaidó is not imprisoned, Maduro claimed that “God’s timing is perfect” and left responsibility in the hands of the judicial authorities. In this sense, he has shown himself ready to comply with the order “on the day on which the public prosecutor and the courts order his arrest”.

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