Maduro points to Trump as “the impediment” to the dialogue and suggests reviewing his calls on Venezuela

MADRID, 30 Sep. –

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said Monday that “the impediment” for a real dialogue between the Government and the opposition to resolve the crisis in the country is his US counterpart, Donald Trump, while he has suggested That they also review their telephone conversations about the Caribbean nation for a possible impeachment.

“The impediment is called Donald Trump,” Maduro said in a speech delivered from the Miraflores Palace. “We, the brutes – as they say – work, but the main obstacle is Trump,” he added, according to the official Venezuelan News Agency (AVN).

Maduro points to Trump as “the impediment” to the dialogue and suggests reviewing his calls on Venezuela
Maduro points to Trump as “the impediment” to the dialogue and suggests reviewing his calls on Venezuela

The Bolivarian leader has defended that the Government is the true “promoter” of the dialogue with the opposition, ensuring that “the doors of the national dialogue are open to the other opposition.” In fact, he stressed, “the Bloque de la Patria” has returned to the National Assembly to “seek ways of communication.”

The Government and the Guaidó team staged a dialogue that took place between May and August under the auspices of Norway and Barbados but which, according to the opposition leader, broke down because Maduro rejected the offer to create a transitional government from which none of the Two will be part of leading the country to “real” elections and achieving humanitarian aid for Venezuela.

In this regard, he said that “Guaidó lied to the country saying he would not sit at a dialogue table” when he proclaimed himself “president in charge” last January because then “he was already seated.” “They asked us if we stayed in the secret dialogues,” he said.

Maduro has insisted that the Government “is ready to go to any call” for dialogue and to “advance on all issues”, although it has insisted on the repeal of international sanctions issued against the 'Chavista' dome, he included, and has asked the opposition to join the Miraflores Palace in this appeal.

Specifically, it has referred to the sanctions imposed by the EU, which has expanded in recent days and threatens to continue extending. “We are laughing at the EU sanctions, because they put them in a dead end. The EU is sunk in the mud, they failed in their policies against Venezuela,” he reproached.

Despite this negotiating mood, Maduro has clarified that “next year, it rains, thunders or flashes, the Constitution requires the elections of the National Assembly”, the only power controlled by the opposition since the historic elections of 2015 and that the Government proposed to advance.

He has also described the US policy towards Venezuela as erroneous and has launched a proposal to his US counterpart: “If there were a direct dialogue between Maduro and Trump, I would tell him the mistakes they made with Venezuela.”

The Venezuelan president has not taken the opportunity to refer to the impeachment with which the Democratic Party threatens Trump after meeting a telephone conversation between the US president and his Ukrainian couple, Volodimir Zelenski, in which the former He asks the second to press the Prosecutor to investigate Democratic leader Joe Biden and his son.

“By the mouth the fish dies. By the mouth they grabbed Donald Trump,” said Maduro, who has confessed that this finding is not surprising because “these methods of shock, extortion, used by Trump with the governments of the world” also use “against Venezuela”. “If they reviewed the calls, they would find enough elements of abuse of power against a people like Venezuela,” he said.

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